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Timothy Mousseau

Meet UofSC's Chernobyl expert

December 22, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Biological Sciences professor Timothy Mousseau has made more than 30 trips to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site in Ukraine since 1999. In the past few years, he has traveled a dozen times to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear site in Japan to study the aftereffects of that catastrophe. Mousseau, as a part of UofSC’s Chernobyl Research Initiative, is focused on the health and environmental outcomes of radiation effects in wildlife.

Geochemistry Professor Michael Bizimis

Let there be rock

December 18, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

As a geochemistry professor, Michael Bizimis knows plenty about rock, but his first true love? That was heavy metal.

Felipe Thomaz

Meet new faculty: Felipe Thomaz, business

December 17, 2014, Page Ivey

Felipe Thomaz is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and brings a "family tradition" of marketing and sales to his position as an associate professor of marketing at the Darla Moore School of Business.

Andrea Tanner

Learning about the Affordable Care Act

December 16, 2014, Page Ivey

Health communication researchers from an array of disciplines are teaming up with the Richland County (S.C.) Library to help give people information about the Affordable Care Act. The law, also known as Health Care Reform and Obamacare, has some requirements that people need to know to make health care, insurance and financial decisions.

Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez

Identifying with education

December 16, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

University of South Carolina assistant professor of Mexican literature Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez volunteers once a week with Freedom University in Atlanta. Started in 2011 by a group of University of Georgia professors, Freedom University provides free college-level courses for undocumented youth in Georgia who have been denied entry at the state’s top five public universities and denied in-state tuition at all public state universities by the Georgia Board of Regents.

Lonnie Russell playing piano

Med school étude

December 16, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Music major Lonnie Russell came to the University of South Carolina to study piano with Charles Fugo, but ever since his senior year at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, his longterm plan has been to go to medical school following his undergraduate education. Next year, he will embark on the next phase of that journey as a first-year medical student at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at commencement

Jeb Bush delivers commencement address

December 15, 2014, John Brunelli

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told Carolina grads to find joy and serve others. Mr. Bush and former ambassador to the Bahamas Ned Siegel received honorary degrees during fall commencement.

UofSC students

Alumnus focuses lens on Carolina life

December 15, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Sean Rayford’s camera is his passport to worlds he might not otherwise visit: from cheerleading championships to punk rock concerts, from the sidelines at NFL games to the aisles of the wedding chapel. While Rayford started photography as a way to get into rock ‘n’ roll concerts for free, it has become a lifelong passion and career – one that he honed as a University of South Carolina student.

Salima Al Masrouri

The Omani connection

December 12, 2014, Chris Horn

When Salima Al Masrouri walks across the commencement stage with a master’s in mass communication degree, she’ll join a growing contingent of University of South Carolina graduates who hail from Oman. In fact, Carolina has what might be the largest single group of students from that southwest Asian country who are attending college in the United States.

UofSC Campus

Keeping Carolina green

December 12, 2014, Liz McCarthy

UofSC’s Facilities Landscaping team staffs a tree maintenance crew to keep the campus trees beautiful, sustainable, and most importantly, safe. With more than 7,000 trees from about 80 species on the Columbia campus, the team has their work cut out for them to keep Carolina a Tree Campus USA. We caught up with the team to find out how they keep campus green.

Donor study

Accounting students mine data for nonprofit

December 11, 2014, Page Ivey

Who are the United Way’s most loyal donors, where do they live and how much do they give each year? These are just a few of the questions the United Way of the Midlands wanted answered when it began a partnership more than a year ago with an accounting class at the University of South Carolina.

Laura Kissel

UofSC professor films the "Cotton Road"

December 11, 2014, Glenn Hare

Media arts professor Laura Kissel is the director and producer of "Cotton Road" a new documentary film that follows the journey of American grown cotton to textile manufacturing plants in China and the return trip of dresses, pants and underwear that end up in retail outlets across the United States.

Moore School economists

Predicting South Carolina's future

December 10, 2014, Peggy Binette

Moore School economists released their economic forecast for South Carolina in 2015 to media Wednesday (Dec. 10). They are calling for the consistent positive growth seen across most industries and regions in 2014 to continue into 2015. They will present their full forecast Dec. 16 at the 34th Annual Economic Outlook Conference, the state's premier business event.

Gamecock Pantry

Everybody eats

December 10, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Carolinians care for one another. That’s a key tenet in the Carolinan Creed. It’s also something Rachel Smith and the students running the Gamecock Pantry practice every day.

Richard Hodinka

Meet new faculty: Richard Hodinka

December 09, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Clinical professor Richard Hodinka joined the School of Medicine Greenville's faculty this year from Philadelphia, where he'd spent the majority of his career. At UofSC, Hodinka looks forward to having an impact on future doctors.

Carole Oskeritzian

Evicting an inflammatory guest

December 09, 2014, Steven Powell

As a child growing up in Paris, Carole Oskeritzian nearly died from asthma attacks. Now she’s leading an immunology research team that is teasing out the complexities of human inflammation in hopes of finding a way to prevent asthma’s occurrence.

UofSC students

It's all English to me

December 04, 2014, Page Ivey

Learning English as a second language – especially Southern American English – is no piece of cake, especially when folks say things like “piece of cake.” Making sense of these turns of phrase, these clichés and idioms that pepper much of our speech is the role of the conversation partner in the University of South Carolina’s English Programs for Internationals.

Jessica Leet

On the academic track

December 02, 2014, Steven Powell

Gopher tortoises, snakes and a variety of other critters in her backyard helped Jessica Leet develop a fascination for environmental science as a child, but it may have been a Barbie doll that sparked her interest as much as anything else.

Wendy Bryan

Creating connections for the disabled

December 01, 2014, April Blake

When faced with the loss of her vision, Wendy Bryan had to find a new path to continue doing the social work that she loved. After finding a lack of ways to connect with other people with disabilities, she decided to create a statewide network called Disability Connections. With the help of technology, friends and family Bryan is able to run the nonprofit organization herself.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush to speak at commencement

November 25, 2014, Megan Sexton

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will speak at winter commencement exercises on Dec. 15. Bush will receive an honorary degree of doctor of public service at the commencement ceremony. The university expects to award nearly 3,000 degrees from all eight campuses.

UofSC swimmer

Putting the student in student-athlete

November 25, 2014, Page Ivey

Did you know Gamecock athletic teams have led the Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll for the past seven years? Meet five Gamecocks who put the student in student athlete.

Expecting mother

Helping first-time mothers find their center

November 24, 2014

A group-centered program called CenteringPregnancy is now being offered by the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. CenteringPregnancy is gaining popularity, as a way to provide prenatal care and education, especially for first-time mothers, about what to expect during pregnancy and delivery.

UofSC student at Thomas Cooper Library

Where to study, take a break during finals

November 24, 2014, Whitney Smith

Thomas Cooper can become hectic when finals time begins. There are tons of alternatives, both on and off campus, where you can study without fighting the crowds. Need a break? There are also a number of ways that you can take your mind off the stress without spending too much money or time

Group of IBM and university officials

IBM, Fluor partner with UofSC

November 21, 2014, Jeff Stensland

It’s now official: IBM--one of the largest and most respected technology companies in the world--is partnering with the University of South Carolina and will take up residence on the Columbia campus. The partnership will create the Center for Applied Innovation, a place where experts from the university and IBM will work together to better serve higher education institutions nationwide and provide enhanced learning experiences for tomorrow’s college students.

Constantine Manos

Behind the lens, ahead of his time

November 20, 2014, Page Ivey

Constantine Manos has always been a little ahead of his time, from having a professional photography gig by the time he finished his first year at Carolina to opposing segregation in editorials written in 1953-54 for The Gamecock. Now, as he looks back on a 60-year photography career that includes four books and countless exhibits around the world, Manos talks about growing up in Columbia and his time at Carolina.

Beckee Garris

Rediscovering Catawba

November 19, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Beckee Garris grew up on the Catawba Reservation near Rock Hill, S.C. After decades away, she returned to the reservation several years ago and began exploring her own heritage as a student at the University of South Carolina Lancaster, where she also works as the visitors' coordinator at the Native American Studies Center.

Stachys caroliniana

Hello, world

November 18, 2014, Steven Powell

Herbarium curator John Nelson knows you don’t have to travel to a remote Amazon rainforest to discover a new species of plant. He and alumnus Douglas Rayner uncovered a rare hedge-nettle just 50 miles from Charleston, and they named it Stachys caroliniana, after the only state where it has been found.

Menger sponge

House of cards

November 17, 2014, Chris Horn

Using the power of multiplication, a team from Carolina's Department of Mathematics department plans to participate in the making of history this coming spring by building a large, elegant geometrical shape called a Menger sponge. Any spare business cards you might have to donate would be appreciated.

Jasmine Johnson

Road trip warrior

November 15, 2014, Caitlyn McGuire

Last year, if you had asked UofSC junior Jasmine Johnson what she would be doing with the rest of her life, she probably would have said she was staying in South Carolina to teach. But after a spontaneous click on the ad, a video application and a week full of interviews, the education student was chosen to be one of four students to take part in College Board and Road Trip Nation’s cross-country excursion, and now her possibilities are endless

Lindsay Richardson

Five questions with Lindsay Richardson

November 15, 2014, Whitney Smith

UofSC Student Government President Lindsay Richardson delivered the State of the Student Body Address Nov. 12. Here's what she had to say about that important speech, the programs students can look forward to in the spring and her own plans for her final semester.

Anais Parada

LOL in the classroom

November 13, 2014, Chris Horn

Research shows that relevant humor in the classroom can help students better remember content, lower their anxiety and even help them see their professors as more competent communicators.

Students in class on fundraising and event planning for nonprofits

For the love of fundraising

November 12, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Students in Annette Hoover's class on fundraising and event planning for non-profits spend the entire semester coordinating an event benefitting a non-profit of their choosing. This fall, the class is putting on a concert, silent auction and pet adoption to benefit the Humane Society of S.C.

stock car race

Off to the races

November 11, 2014, Steven Powell

Alumna Pam Brown has been to every Sprint Cup race on the NASCAR schedule over the past four years. She didn’t know it at the time, but her degree in athletic training at Carolina was the first step in a journey that led to a full-time career in the world of stock car racing.

John Wall

Veteran sees firsthand need for rule of law

November 10, 2014, Page Ivey

John Wall knows all too well what happens when a country descends into chaos with no faith in established laws to keep citizens safe. A third-year law student at the University of South Carolina, Wall is a former U.S. Army captain and West Point graduate who spent five combat deployments between 2007 and 2012 in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Andrew Mohs

Five Questions with Andrew Mohs

November 09, 2014, Caitlyn McGuire

UofSC student Andrew Mohs spent four years in the Marine Corps and spent four month deployed in Afghanistan as an Amphibious Assault Vehicle mechanic. Now a full-time college student, Mohs has another important role: he serves as the president of UofSC's Student Veteran Association.

Ruby Han

Getting students to think globally

November 07, 2014, Liz McCarthy

At Carolina, Ruby Han, a student from China, has even found a program that helps her share her culture with Americans. Through the university’s International Student Services, Han has become involved with Thinking Globally, which takes international students to local schools to discuss their cultures.

Archeology volunteers

Finding Fort Congaree II

November 06, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

In July of 2014 University of South Carolina archeologist Jonathan Leader and a team of volunteers located the remnants of Fort Congaree II, an 18th century earthen fortification in Cayce, S.C., long considered lost to history.

Spencer Moore

Meet new faculty: Spencer Moore, public health

November 04, 2014, Page Ivey

Spencer Moore wants to know how our social connections affect our health, from our family and friends to our acquaintances and neighbors. Learning that, he says, can help public health officials better serve communities.

Fire thrower at First Thursday

Alumnus shares his artistic vision

November 03, 2014, Thom Harman

Alumnus and small business owner Mark Plessinger launched the First Thursday arts event on Columbia's Main Street in 2009. The monthly event has been credited with helping fuel the ongoing resurgence of the Capital City's downtown business district.

Sue Heiney

Helping to heal children worldwide

November 03, 2014, April Blake

Children worldwide who are coping with parents who have cancer can find support in the programs that Sue Heiney has designed. These programs span the globe and have even been translated into Japanese.

David Wolfer

Nursing student answers call for help

October 31, 2014, Liz McCarthy

David Wolfer has always known he wanted to make an impact, do something bigger than himself, even if that means living without modern conveniences and forgoing a traditional college experience.

Sara Barber

Vocal witness

October 29, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

UofSC alumna Sara Barber was recently named executive director the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Assault. A 13-year veteran of the fight against domestic violence and a mother of two daughters, Barber wants to make her community a safer place for this generation and the next.

Student digitizing herbarium data

Shining a light on dark data

October 28, 2014, Steven Powell

Millions of plant specimens collected in America over the past several hundred years are making their way to a global stage. The University of South Carolina is playing a leadership role in making botanical data contained in herbarium cabinets scattered across the United States accessible across the world.

Sharon DeWitte

Professors rewarded for outstanding research, teaching

October 27, 2014

Four faculty members have been named to the second class of McCausland Faculty Fellows in the College of Arts and Sciences. This year’s recipients, all chosen by the dean of the college, are English professor Federica K. Clementi, biological anthropologist Sharon DeWitte, studio arts professor Sara Schneckloth and history professor Adam M. Schor.

Lauren Truslow

Barre none

October 27, 2014, Chris Horn

Here’s what you won’t find at Lauren Truslow’s new fitness studio on Rosewood: backbreaking barbells, rows of treadmills or in-your-face personal trainers demanding five more reps.

Abdel Bayoumi

As a Gamecock, my ingenuity has No Limits

October 24, 2014, Glenn Hare

University of South Carolina research professor Abdel Bayoumi is on the forefront of military safety. His team of engineers and computer scientists conduct advanced diagnostic studies on some of the military’s most sophisticated helicopters. Their work reduces costs, ensures top performance, improves moral and, most importantly, saves lives.

Blain Foley

Learning to love the great outdoors

October 22, 2014, Page Ivey

Outdoor Recreation coordinator Blain Foley introduces University of South Carolina students to the great outdoors – many for the first time. He and student leaders are going to take students on a bike-packing trip through the South Carolina Lowcountry during fall break.

Eric Villeneuve

Student hopes UofSC can 'Be the Match'

October 20, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Eric Villeneuve, a junior criminal justice major, is hoping to get more University of South Carolina students, faculty and staff members registered with the national Be The Match bone marrow registry. It’s a cause that’s important to him personally, having seen what a difference bone marrow donations can make.

Devon Sherrell

A president with pride

October 17, 2014, Caitlyn McGuire

Devon Sherrell knows he is one of the lucky ones when it comes to his “story.” The junior political science student said he knew from a very young age that he was gay, so when he came out his friends and family in high school, he was relieved that no one seemed to have a problem. Knowing that is not the case for everyone, the now president of the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Straight Alliance organization has dedicated his time to supporting the the LGBT community.

Women's basketball coach Dawn Staley

VIDEO: Dawn Staley named Honorary Life Member of My Carolina

October 16, 2014, John Brunelli

Dawn Staley didn't attend the UofSC, but she still considers herself a Gamecock. On the court, the women's basketball coach has filled a trophy case with awards. Off the court, Staley has raised money for a children's charity. The My Carolina Alumni Association named Staley an Honorary Life Member for the way she's represented our university.

Elmore Leonard

Master of crime fiction chose UofSC for his papers

October 15, 2014, Megan Sexton

Elmore Leonard, the master of American crime fiction, knew exactly where he wanted his papers to go. He decided after a quick trip to the University of South Carolina shortly before his death in 2013, when he was awarded the university’s Thomas Cooper Medal. “He went to visit the library and he was blown away,” his son Peter Leonard says.

Jotaka Eaddy

Jotaka Eaddy named 2014 Outstanding Black Alumna

October 14, 2014, John Brunelli

Jotaka Eaddy followed her cousin to the UofSC. That may have been the last time she followed anyone. Since graduating more ten years ago, Eaddy has been a civil rights and social justice leader. My Carolina Alumni Association named Eaddy its 2014 Outstanding Black Alumna.

Fred Tollison, '64 engineering, and his wife, Sarah Belle

Half-century salute

October 13, 2014, Chris Horn

Fred Tollison graduated from Carolina 50 years ago, and he’s been a proud Gamecock ever since. But there was one moment when the prospect of attending Carolina was an occasion for joy — and dismay.

Donald Bailey

Donald Bailey named 2014 Distinguished Alumnus

October 12, 2014, John Brunelli

In the last 45 years, Donald Bailey has played football for the Gamecocks, started a successful business, served as president of the alumni association and sat on the board of trustees. But he's most proud of the work he's done creating the Carolina LIFE program. That dedication prompted the My Carolina Alumni Association to name Bailey its 2014 Distinguished Alumnus.

OverReactors improv troupe

Building the scene

October 10, 2014, Liz McCarthy

The newest improv troupe on campus is building UofSC’s scene one show at a time. OverReactors hopes to get more students involved and keep campus laughing.

UofSC students at South Carolina State Fair

Outreach program makes physics fun at S.C. State Fair

October 09, 2014, Thom Harman

It’s the smell of elephant ears, mustard and fried everything. It’s the uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach as you clickety-clack up the first hill of the roller coaster. It’s the South Carolina State Fair, and it’s also Midway Physics Day, when thousands of kids from across the state learn that science can be cool.

Jay Matheson

Kick out the jams

October 09, 2014, Thom Harman

Alumnus Jay Matheson, '82 media arts, prepares for the Jam Room Music Festival. Now in its third year, the annual event has played a major role in the revitalization of Columbia's Main Street.

Jarvia Meggett

Five Questions with Jarvia Meggett: Homecoming Step Show and Stroll Off director

October 08, 2014, Whitney Smith

The community, students, faculty and staff are invited to the annual step show competition between NPHC fraternities and sororities at UofSC. New to the Homecoming events this year, stroll off will be held in the Russell House where students can watch organizations compete. Meet Jarvia Meggett, the student behind-the-scenes who ensures that these events run smoothly for UofSC to enjoy.

Dr. Jason Stacy

Doctor brings knowledge of injuries to larger student population

October 07, 2014, Rebekah Friedman

Dr. Jason Stacy is right at home as Student Health Services director for sports medicine and physical therapy. He started working full-time at the Thomson Student Health Center after 10 years as team physician for Gamecock athletes. His stint as team physician also included one day a week at the health center seeing injured students.

Brie Dunn

Prescription for teaching success

October 07, 2014, Steven Powell

Working her way through Wofford and then pharmacy school at the Medical University of South Carolina, Brie Dunn never really pictured herself behind the lectern, but a move into academia has worked out very well — for her as well as her students here at the University of South Carolina.

Margaret Kramer

Mental health matters

October 03, 2014, Whitney Smith

In 2012 more than 80 percent of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do. But, the stigma associated with mental illness is preventing many of them from seeking help. Senior Margaret Kramer is working to change that.

Joelle Ryan-Cook

Art and the city

October 03, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

As deputy director of the Columbia Museum of Art, Joelle Ryan-Cook has had a front row seat for the ongoing revitalization of Columbia's Main Street and the recent growth of the Capital City's art scene. The University of South Carolina alumna has also played a key role in building the partnerships that have made that revitalization and growth possible.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Dissecting the detectives

October 02, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Grace Gardner considers herself an “SVU junkie,” one of the many people who binge watch rerun marathons of the popular television show “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” spending nights cuddled up with Detectives Stabler and Benson on Netflix. Fortunately, Annie Boiter-Jolley, a professor and also a fan of the show, wanted to bring Benson and Stabler to campus.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Taking flight in Chernobyl

September 30, 2014, Steven Powell

Mutated animals, radioactive contamination and buildings deserted for decades might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for postdoc Andrea Bonisoli Alquati, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was an enticing brew.

Karley Vehaun

Learning by doing

September 29, 2014, Chris Horn

Experiential learning is all the rage in higher education, and Karley Vehaun has taken the concept to what might be its highest possible level. The fashion merchandising major has purchased a fashion boutique from her former boss and is set to reopen the story under a new name.

Student with parents

A family affair

September 25, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Parents Weekend at the University of South Carolina has grown over the years from a simple tailgate to a full weekend of activities for the whole family. The 2014 event, which coincides with ESPN College GameDay, is expected to draw nearly 10,000 students, parents and other family members.

Taylor Engel

Alumnus looking for the 'greenlight'

September 24, 2014, Page Ivey

Taylor Engel is this close to having one of his dreams come true, but talking with the 2009 media arts graduate, you wouldn’t know it. Engel is among 20 hopefuls waiting to see if their movie projects get “greenlighted.” “Project Greenlight” is an HBO documentary series produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck that offers first-time directors a chance to direct a feature film.

California marine history

Window on the ocean's past

September 23, 2014, Steven Powell

Ryan Rykaczewski is part of a team that just found a way to look deep into the ocean’s past. They’ve shown that natural processes can cause dramatic year-to-year drops in fish populations and raised questions about whether human activities might be making those declines more frequent.

Amanda Fairchild in pointe shoes

En Pointe

September 22, 2014, Glenn Hare

UofSC quantitative psychologist Amanda Fairchild took on a feat that most 30-somethings wouldn’t consider, taking ballet lessons and dancing en pointe for the first time.

Mike Meyers

Buy, sell, Tradeversity

September 22, 2014, Chris Horn

Mike Meyers and a team of fellow business school students are creating an online marketplace for UofSC faculty, staff and students that has already attracted more than 300 student users.

Agnes Mueller

Inability to love

September 19, 2014, Liz McCarthy

In the nearly 70 years since the end of World War II, German guilt and shame over the Holocaust remains — though some modern German literature reflects a more casual attitude toward the stereotyping of Jews. That’s what UofSC's Agnes Mueller uncovers in her latest book.

UofSC student

Students remember their time with the National Student Exchange

September 19, 2014, Caitlyn McGuire

Ever wonder what life would be like if you didn’t choose to go to University South Carolina? Thanks to the National Student Exchange, students can spend a summer, semester or year at one of nearly 200 institutions in the U.S. Not only does the program expose students to different places, people and courses, but students pay their normal UofSC tuition. With the extensive list of schools that participate, no two students have the same experience.

Harvey Starr

Professors 'retire' but keep on working

September 17, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Harvey Starr is currently working on three or four different book projects — “depending on how you want to count it,” he says. “A colleague and I are waiting to hear back about one proposal.” He’s also overseeing three active dissertations, having just hooded another new Ph.D. this summer. The catch? He officially retired June 30.

Studying Mars

Destination: Mars

September 16, 2014, Steven Powell

Studying science at a major research university might involve innumerable hours at a laboratory bench, but the experience doesn’t have to be geographically limiting. For students and post-docs in Mike Angel’s chemistry group at the University of South Carolina, for example, the work they do in the lab has interplanetary reach.

Sharina Haynes

Gravitational pull

September 15, 2014, Chris Horn

It seemed a sure bet that Sharina Haynes was headed for a doctoral degree in physics. But she experienced a gravitational pull in a different direction that led her to the University of South Carolina's history department.

Darla Moore

Darla Moore rings open new era for business school

September 14, 2014, Page Ivey

With the ring of a bell, Darla Moore officially opened the new building bearing her name and ushered in a new era for the university's business school. Moore tells the audience at the grand opening event that the building represents her expectations for the school's future: excellence.

Christopher Gallman

All in the family

September 11, 2014, Liz McCarthy

The University of South Carolina community prides itself on being a family. For Christopher Gallman, it really is. The USCPD investigator works alongside his father to keep Carolina safe.

Five questions with a career counselor

September 11, 2014, Whitney Smith

Need advice on your resume? Not sure how to prepare for Career Fest or the S.E.T Job Fair? Assistant Director for Career Development Mark Anthony has the answers to five questions that will help you prepare for your future.

Seth Howell

Operation med school

September 10, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

After four tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, former United States Air Force pilot Seth Howell is beginning a brand new mission as he enters the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. The decorated captain says his time in the military helped him develop the leadership skills and the perspective to help him succeed as he pursues a career in medicine.

Finding Augusta

Finding yourself in a mobile world

September 09, 2014, Steven Powell

Heidi Rae Cooley recently published a book, Finding Augusta, and accompanying app aim to help smartphone aficionados think more clearly about two sides of plugging into the mobile network. Doing so gives you a voice, but that voice can be recorded, located, indexed, and cataloged for purposes unrelated to the original impulse of self-expression. It might come as a surprise that an essential part of her narrative comes from a unique piece of cinema shot the better part of a century ago.

Erica Tobolski

Speaking up and being heard

September 08, 2014, Chris Horn

Shen she attended a recent workshop on improving vocal presence in the classroom, computer science and engineering professor Csilla Farkas had two goals in mind: improving her own speaking ability and helping her students improve their presentation skills.

Haley Rabic

Students go green for Gamecocks football

September 05, 2014, Caitlyn McGuire

Football season to most University of South Carolina students means tailgating, face decals and cheering on their favorite players. Senior Public Relations and Environmental Studies student Haley Rabic has something else on her mind during the games, though, and she hopes more students will start to as well.

UofSC President Harris Pastides

VIDEO: Pastides updates UofSC family on progress, challenges

September 04, 2014, John Brunelli

University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides speaks to students, faculty and staff about initiatives for accelerated degree programs, increasing affordability and accessibility to a college education. Pastides also discussed the university’s progress on its aggressive $1 billion fundraising campaign, wrapping up the faculty replenishment program and looking forward to improved economic enterprise opportunities through the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator.

Kortney Sherbine

Meet new faculty: Kortney Sherbine, education

September 04, 2014, Page Ivey

Education professor Kortney Sherbine looks at new ways pop culture can affect young students' learning and encourages her students to live-Tweet her classes. She is among the stellar crop of new faculty members joining the university this year.

Plastic-block replica of Williams-Brice Stadium

Third dimension

September 03, 2014, Chris Horn

When Jadeveon Clowney burst through the line and disconnected ball and helmet from Michigan’s Vincent Smith on New Year’s Day 2013, John Carrington got the inspiration to launch Zverse, a 3D printing company that makes collegiate memorabilia.

Stephen Finger

Face of the Challenge

August 29, 2014, Chris Horn

Assistant professor of economics Stephen Finger has become the face of ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge on the university's Columbia campus.

SC barbecue sauce preferences graphic

Football. Barbecue. It must be fall in the South.

August 27, 2014

For diehard fans, the South Carolina-Texas A&M matchup means the wait is over for the start of college football season. For two geography professors, it means barbecue. John Kupfer and Dave Cairns are department heads at Carolina and Texas A&M, respectively. They have a little friendly wager on the outcome of the opening game.

Jill Turner

Meet new faculty member Jill Turner, pharmacy

August 26, 2014, Steven Powell

This year UofSC welcomes stellar new faculty members to campus. Meet Jill Turner, an assistant professor in the South Carolina College of Pharmacy. Turner joins UofSC after earning a doctorate at Georgetown and completing a post-doc at UPenn.

Krit app founder

Going into business

August 21, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Senior computer science majors Andrew Askins and Bill Brower along with recent alumnus Austin Price kick-started Krit this summer, a start-up venture they hope will make graphic designers' work easier and impact Columbia's tech community.

Word concussion written on chalkboard

Big impact: Concussion awareness can save lives

August 21, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

In 17 years as an athletic trainer at South Carolina’s Pelion High School, UofSC graduate George Wham has seen his share of sports-related concussions. In fact, last year, student athletes at his school experienced at least 30 of them, 12 just in football. Because of Wham, those students and hundreds just like them across the state will get better assessments and treatment following their injuries.

Joe McElveen

'It's not about the grades, it's about the learning'

August 20, 2014, Page Ivey

The last time Joe McElveen was a freshman at the University of South Carolina, Lyndon Johnson was in the White House and the Vietnam War was playing on the nightly news. But after taking two courses this summer as a warm-up, the 64-year-old retired oncologist has a full load scheduled for the fall.

Eric Dunton

All-pros to arrivals: Business student uses UofSC to land internship

August 19, 2014, Collyn Taylor

All-pro linebackers, high-profile high school recruits and dealing with large shipping orders are all in a days work for Eric Dunton. The junior Global Supply Chain and Operation Management major at the University of South Carolina earned an internship working as a customer service representative for large accounts at Under Armor.


Coast to coast

August 19, 2014, Steven Powell

When a river runs through it, there will be opinions aplenty on how to manage that river. And as emeritus geography professor Will Graf knows, science has a lot to offer when competing interests are entrenched in positions that might seem impossible to reconcile.

Patrick Patterson

Fathers and families

August 18, 2014, Chris Horn

Patrick Patterson learned the hard way what happens when a dad leaves home. That’s why he’s devoted his career to keeping families together.

Rose Booze

Childhood memories encourage search for cure

August 15, 2014, Glenn Hare

University of South Carolina neuroscientist Rose Booze grew up on a sheep farm, working beside her father, who years later would be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Memories of her childhood encourage her today. With support from the National Institutes of Health, Rose and her team are driven to discover the root causes of this devastating illness and remain hopeful that a cure is within reach

Laura Bankert

Returning to the quad

August 14, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Laura Bankert knows what it means to be connected to campus. It’s something she felt early as a freshman living on the second floor of Sims in the Women’s Quad. This year, Bankert, a junior elementary education major and first-time resident mentor, hopes she can make a new group of Gamecocks feel the same way as she moves back to campus in the newly renovated Women’s Quad.

Women's Quad

VIDEO: Women's Quad opens after extensive renovations

August 13, 2014, John Brunelli

Sims, McClintock and Wade Hampton, the three residence halls which make up the Women's Quad are re-opening this fall after undergoing an extensive renovation. The $29.2M project transformed the buildings to suite style accommodations for 600 female students.

Dan Davis

'Retired' postal worker loves chaos of move-in

August 12, 2014, Page Ivey

Dan Davis’ favorite weekend is when the students come back to campus. This year, it will be a little more special as Davis recalls his first day on the University of South Carolina campus as a student in 1964.

Daping Fan

Common threads

August 12, 2014, Steven Powell

Heart attack, stroke and cancer — three distinct afflictions. But a discerning eye can see the connections, the commonalities that link the illnesses. The School of Medicine's Daping Fan has that kind of vision.

Beth Renwick

Grease to green fuel

August 11, 2014, Chris Horn

When Joe Renwick came to the USC Columbia Technology Incubator six years ago, he had a simple business idea that required sophisticated technological and marketing prowess to make it work. Renwick got all of that and more from his partnership with the USC Columbia Technology Incubator.

northern Pacific Ocean

Northern Pacific's tropical anoxic zone might shrink from climate change

August 07, 2014, Steven Powell

A commonly held belief that global warming will diminish oxygen concentrations in the ocean looks like it may not be entirely true. According to a team of researchers including professor Robert Thunell, just the opposite is likely the case in the northern Pacific Ocean, with its anoxic zone expected to shrink in coming decades because of climate change.

William Dissen

Farm to Market Place

August 06, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Restaurateur and chef William Dissen is a big believer in the farm-to-table philosophy. At his Asheville, N.C., restaurant, The Market Place, the University of South Carolina HRTM alumnus champions fresh flavors, sustainable agricultural practices, community involvement and the constant pursuit of the perfect meal.

Ka’la Drayton

Into Africa

August 05, 2014, Steven Powell

Ka’la Drayton got an early start crossing items off her bucket list at the University of South Carolina. The rising senior thought it might be years before she could take a trip to Africa, but a program at the university made her dream come true this summer — and broadened her career horizons to boot.

Jerry Odom

Encore appearance

August 04, 2014, Chris Horn

Former professor and administrator Jerry Odom spent his entire 43-year career at UofSC. He retired two years ago but returns to campus Aug. 9 to receive an honorary degree.

Carole Sox

The first degree

August 04, 2014, Chris Horn

Carole Sox didn’t set out to make history when she started a Ph.D. program three and a half years ago, but she’ll accomplish that Aug. 9 when she becomes the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management’s first-ever doctoral graduate.

Morgan Lundy

AmeriCorps experience opens new world for student

July 31, 2014, April Blake

After being selected as an AmeriCorps Summer Service Associate Morgan Lundy found her perspective on helping others has changed through the time she has spent volunteering. Her placement at the Richland Library exposed her to library science and working with fun and educational programming opportunities.

Alumni Center under construction

Home sweet home

July 30, 2014, Liz McCarthy

would take so long to find the perfect home. But thanks to the efforts of Fennell and several others, the move-in date for the My Carolina Alumni Association’s Alumni Center — the new campus home for all Gamecock alumni — is next summer.

Fried food vendor

Body mechanics

July 29, 2014, Steven Powell

South Carolina is in the thick of states with folks that are too thick around the waist, ranking in the top five for obesity rates nationally. But the Palmetto State also has some innovative researchers, such as Sue Lessner in the School of Medicine, working to mitigate the risks of extra pounds and other factors that put the state in the heart of what’s called the “stroke belt.”

Kit and Chad Shelton

Walk, Chad, walk

July 28, 2014, Chris Horn

All the things most of us take for granted — walking, eating, breathing — Chad Shelton lost the ability to do in the space of a week. The 48-year-old library specialist at the School of Medicine contracted a rare autoimmune disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, in January that short-circuited his nervous system and put him in the hospital on a ventilator for months.

Andrew Rajca

Bringing language to life

July 24, 2014, Page Ivey

If Andrew Rajca is speaking a mile a minute, you know you have found a subject he is passionate about. Typically, it has something to do with Latin America, the languages, the culture and the art. Rajca teaches Spanish and Portuguese at the University of South Carolina and is director of the Portuguese program, reviving it as a minor.

Blake Garris

How to make it in film, TV

July 24, 2014, Liz McCarthy

This week when comic book fans take over part of San Diego for the annual ComicCon, one University of South Carolina alumnus will be brining it to the masses. That’s because Blake Garris works for Marvel Comics, running parts of the comic company’s website, including live streaming and creating videos from the famous comic convention.

Maryah Fram

Professor says teaching is a privilege

July 23, 2014, Collyn Taylor

Maryah Fram has a book in her office that she invites students to write in before they graduate, saying what they are going to do to make the world a better place. It’s just one of the ways she connects with her students. A social work professor, Fram's focus is social policy and teaching the graduate-level class for students to apply what they've learned to real-life situations.

Odell Glenn Jr.

Education of a teacher

July 22, 2014, Steven Powell

Push and pull have helped move Odell Glenn through a wide-ranging career in engineering. He has pushed to follow his passions, he has been pulled in unexpected directions, and he finds himself at the University of South Carolina as a late-career doctoral candidate. He says he wouldn’t have changed the journey in any way.


Not easy being green

July 21, 2014, Chris Horn

When Melissa Pilgrim’s undergraduate students suit up for research, they don’t reach for white lab coats and safety glasses. Instead, they don waders, battery-powered headlamps and lots of bug spray before heading into damp woodlands after dusk.

Elizabeth Scarborough

Is Taylor Swift a Gamecock?

July 21, 2014, Mackenzie Grant

Elizabeth Scarborough is spending her summer a little differently than most Carolina students. The senior is part of this year’s Legend’ s in Concert tour—starring as Taylor Swift.

Julia Witherspoon

Business school veteran makes 1 more move

July 17, 2014, Page Ivey

Julia Witherspoon is a sucker for something new: a new opportunity, a new responsibility, a new center or even a new building. New has oddly been a theme of her nearly 40-year career with the Darla Moore School of Business. This month, she has experienced new once more as the faculty and staff of the business school have begun moving into their new home at Assembly and Greene streets.

Hexin Chen

Stemming the tide of cancer

July 15, 2014, Steven Powell

Curing cancer, not just putting a patient in remission. That’s what Hexin Chen and other researchers are trying to make possible with the new cancer stem cell approach to oncology.

Shelbretta Ball

As a Gamecock, my resilience has No Limits

July 14, 2014, Glenn Hare

Basketball has been a part of Shelbretta “Brett” Ball’s life since she was five. But even before she scored any points for the Gamecocks, a medical condition put her on the bench. However Brett’s never-give-up fortitude and the support of Carolina kept her in the game. “Ballin’ with Brett,” her successful video blog, is her way of assisting her teammates. It’s no mystery how she stays on top of her game. Brett lives by the motto, “Don’t let your situation determine your destination.”

Philip Mattox

Serbia on his mind

July 14, 2014, Chris Horn

When Philip Mattox walked across Carolina’s commencement stage this past May, his dream was to somehow forge a career in Serbia — a country he’s grown to embrace after traveling there as a student, meeting its people and studying Balkan history and culture. A week later, parts of his adopted country were underwater.

Aisha Haynes

Nothing to hide

July 10, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Aisha Haynes overcame a stuttering affliction on her way to a doctorate in curriculum instruction and a position at UofSC's Center for Teaching Excellence as an instruction designer.

Jack Mitchell and Joseph Gelay

The world's biggest field

July 10, 2014, Liz McCarthy

For the last few weeks, Brazil has been at the center of the world’s attention as the best soccer players from across the globe compete for the ultimate trophy. Amidst the fans and excitement, the cheers and the tears, two University of South Carolina students reached the pinnacle of their college experience at this year’s World Cup.

Bryan Love

Antibiotics, infants and food allergy

July 08, 2014, Steven Powell

Food allergies in children are becoming more common, and antibiotics might be part of the problem. Pharmacy researcher Bryan Love led a team that showed antibiotic exposure in infants is associated with increased likelihood of later diagnosis of food allergy.

UofSC students in Peru

Capstone adventures to Peru for Maymester

July 08, 2014, Collyn Taylor

Less than a month into her job as assistant principal for the Capstone Scholars program, Erin Wilson was asked to take a group of students to Peru. The trip was inspiring, rewarding and a little scary at times, but well worth it, she says.

Pat Keegan

Home again

July 07, 2014, Chris Horn

U.S. Secret Service agent Pat Keegan has set foot on nearly every continent, chasing counterfeiters, investigating fraud and protecting major U.S. political leaders. But he calls his latest assignment as assistant special agent in charge of the Columbia, S.C., field office one of the best of his 25-year federal career.

Chaunsia White

Welcoming students home

July 07, 2014, Mackenzie Grant

Welcome week is an unique experience that allows new students to meet new people and discover campus. Chaunsia White makes it her mission to make everyone feel at home on campus.

Mount Vernon

A house undivided

July 02, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Mount Vernon has captured the American imagination for centuries. Now University of South Carolina professor Lydia Brandt is researching how and why.

Jan Eberth

Seeking quality care, everywhere

July 01, 2014, Steven Powell

Just a year and a half after arriving at the University of South Carolina, Jan Eberth has already found success in bringing attention to places where health care disparities are the greatest.

Benjamin Roth and Breanne Grace

Children looking for a home

June 26, 2014, Page Ivey

An estimated 100,000 children, mostly from Central American countries, will pour over the border between the U.S. and Mexico this year. They will be alone, frightened, hungry and exhausted from their journey that exposed them to dangers unimaginable to most American children. But for them and their families, the risk of making the trip alone or in small groups is less than remaining in their home countries.

Sheimaliz Glover

A full experience

June 26, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Sheimaliz Glover’s dream just came true and the recent graduate credits her time at the University of South Carolina to setting her on her way to becoming an ambassador and working in the foreign service.


Mosquito math

June 25, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

University of South Carolina Beaufort professor Kasia Pawelek uses mathematical models to predict mosquito population growth and measure the effectiveness of Beaufort County's mosquito control program.

Steven Gantt

Last to first

June 24, 2014, Chris Horn

You could define Steven Gantt with “firsts” and “lasts” — first in his family to graduate college, first to travel extensively outside of South Carolina, last of nine children. But here is the word Gantt uses to define himself — family.

Phil Moore

Finding cyber solutions

June 24, 2014, Steven Powell

Cutting an experiment’s time from 3 months to 3 days is every researcher’s dream. Phil Moore and his team in Research Cyberinfrastructure did just that for a Carolina scientist running a computer simulation, and they’re looking for opportunities to achieve similar success all over campus.

Cameron Mitchell Bell

I love ya, tomorrow!

June 23, 2014, Chris Horn

For Cameron Mitchell Bell, the sun will come out in September. That’s when the musical theater performer hits the road with the 2014-15 national Broadway tour of “Annie.”

A Leap of Style designs

Leaping into a new career direction

June 20, 2014, April Blake

After a few years of following a career path, Karissa Lindsay reached back to her high school dreams of fashion design. She's leaping with both feet towards full-time ownership of her company and line, based in Houston, Texas.

Jochen Lauterbach and Jason Hattrick-Simpers

Material support

June 20, 2014, Steven Powell

Jochen Lauterbach and Jason Hattrick-Simpers are integrating experimental and theoretical approaches with big-data management in materials science, helping spur even quicker commercialization of the stuff that makes just about everything useful work.

Children's book

Words for the world

June 19, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Laura Griner’s never been to Afghanistan. She doesn’t speak Dari or Pashto but the University of South Carolina graduate is hoping to bring a little peace to the country, one children’s book at a time.


The secret garden, revealed

June 16, 2014, Chris Horn

There’s just one drawback to the Nature Classroom nestled behind the University of South Carolina’s Children’s Center. The Eden-like space is open only to kids and teachers from the Children’s Center — oldsters have to admire the picturesque preserve from behind a fence

children’s literature

Making a name for UofSC in children's literature

June 13, 2014, Page Ivey

Putting together an international conference that draws the world’s foremost authorities on children’s literature is a daunting task, but no more so than creating in just a few years an interdisciplinary program at the University of South Carolina that is recognized by those same authorities as “legit.”

Susan Zhang

A summer to remember

June 12, 2014, Glenn Hare

Susan Zhang, a UofSC School of Music graduate, performs as part of the 12th Annual Southeastern Piano Festival that starts this Sunday, June 15, and continues next week at various locations in Columbia.

Virginia Shervette

How many fish in the sea?

June 11, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

University of South Carolina Aiken associate professor of biology and geology Virginia Shervette traveled to Puerto Rico in May to research coral reef fish populations through a collaboration with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources. Her efforts will help the federal government set fishing guidelines that promote sustainable populations of grouper, snapper, porgy and triggerfish.


Cocky for a Reason

June 11, 2014, Mackenzie Grant

James Armstrong III will look back on his undergraduate experience a little different than most. His view, in and out of costume, is what propels him forward towards his goals. He was Cocky for a reason. Literally.

Mike Matthews

Freeze-drying allergens

June 10, 2014, Steven Powell

Engineering professor Mike Matthews’ career is ranging far beyond the confines of academia, and asthma sufferers everywhere can be thankful for that.

Monica Bowman

Probing the past

June 09, 2014, Chris Horn

When she was very young, Monica Bowman would pore over the pages of her dad’s history textbooks from college, intrigued at first by the pictures and, later, by the accompanying stories. It’s no surprise, then, that she’s majoring in history as an undergraduate at Carolina — and delving into the story of an historical figure from the Palmetto State’s past.

Taverious Davis

Secret formula: UofSC senior earns coveted internship

June 05, 2014, Collyn Taylor

Taverious Davis’ earned a prized internship with Coca-Cola in Atlanta. A senior in the Darla Moore School of Business, Davis credits his participation in the school’s Emerging Leaders Circle with helping him get the plum assignment with a Fortune 500 company.

theme park management class

No Mickey Mouse class

June 05, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

Scott Smith's HRSM Maymester class on theme park management featured a week in Florida where students visited a range of parks and got the inside scoop from park managers about what it takes to succeed in the multibillion dollar industry.

Hurricane Hugo on radar

Research keeps many eyes on the coastline

June 04, 2014, Page Ivey

Families huddled together in Lincoln High School in McClellanville, S.C., nearly 25 years ago as Hurricane Hugo lashed the small fishing town. About an hour into the storm, folks noticed water coming into the building — not rainwater but tidal surge that accompanied the Category 4 storm.

neurological assessment system

When every minute counts

June 03, 2014, Steven Powell

Telemedicine technology is helping more stroke patients get quick and effective treatment. Souvik Sen, endowed chair of the SmartState Stroke Center of Economic Excellence, has led the collaboration between the School of Medicine and Palmetto Health Richland in implementing a neurological assessment system with a wide geographic reach.

Tiye Gordon

History, hoops and happiness

May 30, 2014, Chris Horn

Tiye Gordon, a Ph.D. student in Carolina’s history department, has found coaching youth league basketball to be the perfect counterweight to the stress of pursuing a doctoral degree.

Mike Meadows

Alumni recognize Dear Old Professor

May 30, 2014, Page Ivey

Dozens of former students and co-workers honored longtime engineering professor Mike Meadows recently with the establishment of the Mike Meadows Civil Engineering Endowment Fund. The fund, supported by former students and colleagues, will provide undergraduate scholarships for students majoring in civil engineering at Carolina.

Carolina rugby

Carolina rugby on the rise

May 29, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

arolina's rugby team won the 2014 Southeastern Collegiate Conference Rugby Championship in April, but for the players and coaching staff, the camaraderie of the sport is as important as the competition.


Art imitating academic life

May 26, 2014, Chris Horn

Hundreds of novels, short stories and a long list of movies have been produced, which depict some aspect of college life, real or imagined. That trove of literature and celluloid gets a closer look this June in “Higher Education in Fiction and Film,” a summer session course taught by University of South Carolina education professor Christian Anderson.

UofSC students

Medieval identity theft

May 26, 2014, Steven Powell

Freshman Carl Garris, junior Aaron Sanders and professor Scott Gwara are using synchrotron data they collected this spring to help piece together a research puzzle involving the university’s 13th-century Breslauer pocket Bible, English monasteries, Henry VIII and a medieval individual bent on obscuring the Bible’s origins.

Gerald Davis Jr.

Connecting to community

May 23, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Gerald Davis Jr. works with some of the most vulnerable people in Columbia and does it all on top of taking classes at the University of South Carolina. But his real passion lies with opening doors at the university to connect the community to campus.

Ray Tanner

Tanner reflects on year of 'outstanding moments'

May 21, 2014, Page Ivey

Ray Tanner enjoyed unprecedented success as the Gamecock head baseball coach and this past year — his second as athletic director — saw even more success. The football team has won 11 games three years in a row, the women's basketball team made the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament and the equestrian team won its second-straight Southeastern Conference title and came in second in the national championship. We caught up with Tanner to ask about the year that was 2013-14.

Margaret Kramer

Student becomes mental health advocate

May 20, 2014, Marcie Nelson

When Margaret Kramer was a sophomore in high school, she developed an eating disorder that took over her life. Her own experience has led her to study marketing and health promotion at the University of South Carolina, where she will be a senior in the fall, and to become an advocate for mental health awareness and alleviating the struggle of millions of Americans who suffer from eating disorders.

Pat Conroy

Pat Conroy: 'My papers belong here'

May 16, 2014, Megan Sexton

In the early 1970s, Pat Conroy took a poetry class with James Dickey at the University of South Carolina. “I thought he was the greatest poet that ever lived,” Conroy says. “He changed my life.” The notebook the budding author used for that class is now back at the university as part of Conroy’s archive that will be housed alongside collections of Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Sandy Tanner and Cocky

A grad student's life, interrupted

May 15, 2014, Chris Horn

On a sunny afternoon this past January, Sandy Tanner was a master’s student with one semester to go, packing for a trip to the beach with her family. Three minutes later, she was packed into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital.

Michael LaForgia

UofSC alum lands big story, big prize

May 14, 2014, Craig Brandhorst

University of South Carolina alumnus and current Tampa Bay Times reporter Michael LaForgia and fellow reporter Will Hobson won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting in April. Their series of articles about Tampa-area slumlords who took advantage of a dysfunctional public agency while providing the homeless with substandard housing led to the agency's closure.

Brian Hann

Managing risk

May 13, 2014, Chris Horn

Brian Hann, the university’s risk and loss control manager, has joined an elite group of professionals across the country. Hann has completed coursework and certification as a Charter Property and Casualty Underwriter, a designation obtained by only a small percentage of executives in the insurance and risk management industry.

Russ Pate

Getting America moving

May 13, 2014, Steven Powell

Russell Pate, Russ Pate, Steven Powell, inactivity, physical fitness, children, governor’s award in research, U.S. report card for physical activity

Yan Tong

At face value

May 07, 2014, Chris Horn

Whenever Yan Tong has a conversation with someone or watches a movie, she finds herself making mental note of everyone’s facial expressions. That’s because her research on affective computing involves cataloging facial expressions with the goal of programming computers to recognize certain emotions.

Graduation tassels

Leading with distinction

May 07, 2014, Page Ivey

For years, University of South Carolina students have dedicated hundreds of hours to community service, worked as peer leaders, studied abroad and completed research as undergraduates. Now, 93 of these students will make up the first class to graduate with leadership distinction.

Lenny Swinton

VIDEO: Aloha, Carolina

May 02, 2014, John Brunelli

Senior Lenny Swinton is preparing to say Aloha to Carolina. He leaves soon after graduation for Hawaii where he will start his career in hospitality management.

David DeWeil

VIDEO: Students' favorite professor wins U101 award

May 01, 2014, Mackenzie Grant

David DeWeil is the associate principal of Capstone Scholars. Along with speaking to prospective students and working to improve the Capstone program, DeWeil teaches University 101 – a first-year experience class that helps students transition into college. He is this year’s recipient of the University 101 teaching award.

Sean Norman

Don't let the superbugs bite

April 30, 2014, April Blake

Studying the effects of antibiotic resistant microbes is more than just research to Sean Norman. Hospitalized as a child from exposure at his family’s farm, he is dedicated to educating the public how to reduce superbugs from forming and spreading.

Chase Mizzell

A man of many talents

April 29, 2014, Page Ivey

A native of St. George, S.C., Chase Mizzell has been a high-profile fixture on the University of South Carolina campus since he arrived as a bow-tied freshman. He has served as student body president and vice president, the Mic Man at Carolina football games and was most recently one of three graduating seniors to receive the university's highest undergraduate honor, the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.

Rekha Patel

A piece of the puzzle

April 25, 2014, Chris Horn

If you’ve ever worked on a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, you know the frustration of putting it together, one piece at a time, as the big picture slowly takes shape. Rekha Patel likens her teaching style to coaching those who are assembling a puzzle — in this case, the big picture of biochemistry.

Digitizing film for Moving Images Research Collection

VIDEO: Preserving film history at the UofSC

April 25, 2014, John Brunelli

In this digital age, it's very simple to shoot a movie on your cell phone and with two clicks--post it to the web. In fact, every minute of the day, a hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. It's a little more labor intensive for archivists at USC's Moving Images Research Collection who spend hours documenting and converting old film into a digital format, all in the name of preserving history.

Anna Hawkins

Sullivan award winner ready to take flight

April 25, 2014, Page Ivey

Anna Hawkins thinks she will be terrified the first time she straps into the cockpit of a Navy plane, but she has a well documented history of not letting fear slow her down. A member of the University of South Carolina’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, Hawkins has climbed Mount Fuji, parachuted out of an airplane and spent two months backpacking through Europe with her best friend. Hawkins is one of three graduating seniors to receive the university’s highest undergraduate honor, the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.

Caroline Hendricks

Reflections guide Carolina experience

April 25, 2014, Steven Powell

Reflecting on how experiences have enhanced her academic and leadership abilities have helped guide Caroline Hendricks on her undergraduate path. The senior will move on to medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina with the prestigious Steven N. Swanger award in hand.

Thomas Landzert

Becoming a leader, getting ahead

April 23, 2014, Liz McCarthy

A few years ago Thomas Landzert decided to step up and become a leader, something he wasn’t preparing to do as a sophomore. In May, he will be among the first crop of students to graduate with leadership distinction.

Kristmar Muldrow

Coming full circle

April 22, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Kristmar Muldrow grew up in an artistic household but here at the University of South Carolina, she’s been able to discover what being an artist really means. Growing up with a graphic designer mother and an architect dad meant Muldrow, a junior studio art major, never had a shortage of art supplies. These days, though, she’s using more digital skills to create her works.

self-defense class

Helping Carolina women stand strong

April 18, 2014, Evelyn Robinson

When Skye Klink studies abroad in Prague this fall, she wants to be prepared. Having studied abroad in Spain last summer, she knows the ups and downs of settling into another culture. This semester Klink decided to prepare for her upcoming trip by enrolling in a for-credit self-defense class taught by professors Ed Carney and Shannon Henry from Surviving Assault and Standing Strong (SASS), a local self-defense organization for women.


'Sue my car, not me'

April 18, 2014, Chris Horn

It might seem like a flight of fantasy — a car that could actually drive you to work (or your child to soccer practice) all by itself — but the technology is being tested and its advent on roadways is all but inevitable. The question now is determining who will be blamed when a self-driving car causes an accident.

Leslie Brunelli

PMBA celebrates 40 years of training executives

April 17, 2014, Page Ivey

The university's new chief financial officer says her liberal arts degree taught her how to think, but her PMBA gave her the business skills that got her where she is today. Leslie Brunelli is one of thousands of graduates of the 40-year-old program designed to train professionals for the executive suite without interrupting their careers.

Lindsay Richardson

New SGA President takes office

April 16, 2014, Mackenzie Grant

New student body President Lindsay Richardson wants to help the University of South Carolina grow and to create more services that can improve students’ daily lives, such as an umbrella checkout program for those caught unprepared on a rainy day.

Linda Shimizu

Chemistry up close

April 15, 2014, Steven Powell

A chemistry show is a great way to reach K-12 students about science. Chemistry professor Linda Shimizu and University of South Carolina students put on a show that makes learning fun for kids of all ages.

Justin Dunham

As a Gamecock, my determination has No Limits

April 10, 2014, Glenn Hare

Justin Dunham is always moving. This University of South Carolina grad is a former high school athlete who’s conditioned to make quick turns, think on his feet and motivate. His determination permeates his earth science classroom and his students.

Group of biology students

VIDEO: Using all your senses to learn botany

April 10, 2014, John Brunelli

The glare from fluorescent lights and the squeak from chalk on a board are the sights and sounds most students experience, but some biology students are finding a classroom experience filled with bright sunlight and chirping birds.

Maranda Rosier

Personal loss inspires student to help

April 09, 2014, Mackenzie Grant

Maranda Rosier fights to bring awareness to the issue of suicide. Her goal is to erase the negative stigma that comes along with it. This year’s Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk is her first step.

Pearl Fryar

Topiary artist honors past, shapes future

April 08, 2014, Glenn Hare

Topiary artist Pearl Fryar has cultivated three young junipers to represent the three students who desegregated the University of South Carolina 50 years ago. The son of a North Carolina sharecropper, Fryar knows what it means to seek a better life. “If you had told me 50 years ago that one day I would be asked to do this sculpture, I would have thought I’d lost my mind. This is huge and shows how far we’ve come.”

Student on sailboat

Taking the helm: Students learn sailing, leadership

April 08, 2014, Page Ivey

Call it the Best. Classroom. Ever. Basic Keelboat Sailing teaches students to safely skipper or crew a 25-foot boat on sheltered water in moderate weather. But they also learn how to captain a boat with a crew of their peers and that leadership experience goes with them into the real world.

Audit report

Three new things

April 07, 2014, Chris Horn

The internal auditing department at the University of South Carolina has a new name, a new approach to how it does business and a new executive director to make it happen.

Anthony Nyberg

Business researcher investigates what motivates us

April 04, 2014, Page Ivey

You could say Anthony Nyberg is a people person. He wants to know what makes them work and, maybe more importantly, what makes them quit. An associate professor of management in the Darla Moore School of Business, Nyberg earned his doctorate degree after working a decade in financial services, including starting and growing his own firm. During his time in the business world, he found his biggest issues had little to do with finance.

Brittany Terry

Leading in style

April 01, 2014, Marcie Nelson

Through her involvement with the UofSC Fashion Board, president Brittany Terry is devoted to celebrating and promoting the fashion industry. Fashion Week 2014 successfully began Monday, March 31, with a doggie fashion show and will end Thursday, April 3, with a finale fashion show.

illuminated manuscript

Illuminating history

April 01, 2014, Steven Powell

Adam Glenn is a freshman chemical engineering major working with some of South Carolina’s most valuable humanities artifacts, illuminated manuscripts from the 15th century. His Magellan Scholar research project combines scientific lab work with historical scholarship.

Andrea Eggleston

Good smile, good health

March 27, 2014, Steven Powell

Senior Andrea Eggleston wants to be a dentist, but not just one for the well-heeled. Working for three years with people who often can’t afford dental care has opened her eyes to often-overlooked populations in the community, and public service is now the focus of her career.

Michael Gibbs Hill

Professor discovers Columbia through service

March 27, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Michael Gibbs Hill didn’t get involved with community service as a college student. Mentoring local children was something he discovered when he came to the University of South Carolina in 2007 as a faculty member. Now, as a Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia, he thinks more Gamecocks should get involved.

Andrew Kovtun

Finding a place in the world

March 27, 2014, Page Ivey

Andrew Kovtun is spending his second semester abroad in Paris and has two international gigs lined up for this summer. He also is hoping to spend next year in Europe learning Czech, which may postpone his graduation from the University of South Carolina, where he is triple-majoring in international business, economics and marketing with minors in French and Russian.

Emily Learner

2014 Outstanding Woman of the Year

March 26, 2014, Page Ivey

Emily Learner wants to improve people’s lives, whether it is helping children understand the importance of physical activity, helping discover a possible treatment for muscular dystrophy or helping society discard gender stereotypes. For all her work and commitment to service, Lerner has been named 2014’s Outstanding Woman of the Year at the University of South Carolina.

Ben Muldrow

Town and Country

March 26, 2014, Chris Horn

Ben Muldrow got his first taste of marketing and branding at Carolina when he was president of Carolina Productions, the student group that recruits speakers and entertainers to campus. He's now a marketing executive who has coached hundreds of towns across the country on how to put their best foot forward.


Chalkboard Champions

March 26, 2014, Chris Horn

The University of South Carolina has long been at the forefront in educating S.C.’s K-12 teachers and principals, so it’s no surprise that some of the Palmetto State’s best have a garnet-and-black lineage.

Davontae Singleton

'It's got to be a passion'

March 25, 2014, Chris Horn

If you had known him several years ago, it might have been all too easy to picture Davontae Singleton becoming a high school dropout. But Singleton, an English and secondary education major and now an Honors College student, has thrived, not merely survived, in the college environment.

Corrin La Bella

Student leads, embodies Carolinian Creed

March 24, 2014, Mackenzie Grant

Corrin La Bella refuses to miss out on the diversity the University of South Carolina has to offer.. The sophomore is involved in all facets of Gamecock life. With a double major in global supply chain management and finance, and a minor in wellness studies, the aspiring lawyer insists of being active in her community.

Girls in Afghanistan

'They have nobody'

March 24, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Ronald Bradley thought his background in school counseling might be useful in wartorn Afghanistan and Iraq. He was right.


Gamecocks of a feather run together

March 18, 2014, April Blake

Gearing up to run any distance with no support can be a daunting experience. Campus Wellness has the answer with a program that incorporates a goal, social media support and plans for runners of any level. So there’s no reason not to go from zero to 5k.

Rubeyes app on phone

Creating the next generation of social media

March 17, 2014, Chris Horn

Rubeyes is the brainchild of Joshua and Paul Norris, who have been working nonstop on their smart phone app in hopes that it will become a game-changer by improving the way people connect through social media.

Hayley Geis

Smile, be happy, UofSC

March 14, 2014, Liz McCarthy

Hayley Geis wants to make you smile. If she had her way, the freshman would have everyone on campus smiling. Something she wants to go viral on campus as she starts a Random Acts of Kindness organization.

Tax return

Law students tackle tax returns - for free

March 13, 2014, Page Ivey

Got your 1099? Your W-2? How about railroad benefits? Do you know on which line you report your scholarships or retirement income or how to determine your earned income eligibility? Luckily, we’ve got some pretty smart students for that. The University of South Carolina School of Law has provided free basic assistance with federal and state tax returns to folks through the Internal Revenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program for 23 years.