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Finance, B.S.B.A.

Darla Moore School of Business

Finance is a great choice if you are comfortable working with numbers, enjoy analyzing data to make high-stakes decisions and desire a fast-paced, dynamic career.

Finance answers questions such as: What is it worth? Does the return justify the risk? Which projects should be pursued? Who provides the capital? Where should we invest? Students will be prepared for careers in three interrelated areas: commercial and investment banking, corporate finance and asset management.

Program Highlights

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    Award-Winning Faculty

    Learn in and out of the classroom from award-winning faculty members who excel as both teachers and researchers.

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    Plenty of Options

    Find job opportunities after you graduate in a variety of sectors and in every metropolitan area.

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    Risk and Uncertainty Management Center

    Develop skills in risk management and decision-making through projects with real-world clients offered through this center.

What You’ll Study

You'll take a range of coursework to satisfy general education requirements and the business core, plus three courses with international content (international business or economics content or a foreign language) as well as a variety of finance coursework to round out your required hours. You can also add an optional business analytics concentration.

Building Skills

Gain the professional and personal intelligence it takes to have a successful career.

  • Analytical Reasoning

    Breaking down complex problems or situations to identify patterns, connections and solutions


    Creating a financial plan by estimating expenses and revenues to allocate resources effectively

    Data Analysis

    Examining and interpreting information to uncover insights and inform decision making

  • Decision-making Expertise

    Applying critical thinking and analytical skills to make informed and effective decisions


    Taking action and demonstrating leadership without being prompted or directed by others

    Critical Thinking

    Analyzing and evaluating information to make informed decisions or judgments

Using your degree

Make your college experience the foundation for a successful future.

Potential Careers

  • Accountant
  • Forensic Auditor
  • Bank Examiner
  • Commodities Broker
  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Professional

Workplace Settings

  • Business/Corporate Work
  • Banking
  • Investments

Through my experience at the Moore School, I was able to define my career path and develop myself to a level that allowed me to reach a number of my professional goals. I completed two Fortune 500 internships, which complemented my classroom experience to prepare me for my career.

Keegan O’Connell
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