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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of changes happening within the Athletic Training profession. Get answers to your questions in our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions (MS in Athletic Training)

In addition to a baccalaureate degree, students must have completed the following courses with C or better:

Biology and Lab                         4 credits

Chemistry and Lab                    4 credits

Physics and Lab                         4 credits

Anatomy and Physiology          8 credits

Exercise Physiology                   4 credits

Psychology                                  3 credits

Nutrition                                      3 credits

Statistics                                      3 credits

Biomechanics                             3 credits

No. You may submit your application prior to completing all your prerequisites for the program. Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the program.

When in doubt, contact us and we will provide you guidance. Please forward to us the catalog description of the course(s) in question and a syllabus.

No, there is no specific required major at the undergraduate level as long as you have met the prerequisite course requirements. The most common undergraduate majors are Health Science, Kinesiology, or Exercise Science, but there is no preferred undergraduate major.

Applicants for the MS in Athletic Training must apply through the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS) website at

Completed applications must be received by ATCAS by February 15th.

Official transcripts of all colleges/universities attended are sent to ATCAS directly.

Letters of recommendation will be uploaded by the recommender directly to ATCAS. 

No. The program is a full-time residential program with specifically sequenced courses.

We require a minimum of 50 hours under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer, documented on the observation hours verification form. This document will be uploaded to the ATCAS application.

We are planning to start the program mid-May.

The MS in Advanced Athletic Training is a post-professional degree program and is designed for credentialed athletic trainers who want additional training beyond their professional degree. The MS in Athletic Training is considered a Professional Program and is meant for those who wish to become athletic trainers. 

Absolutely. Please feel free to take advantage of this opportunity by using the information at right.

No, we do not require an interview as part of selecting applicants. If you would like to visit USC or meet with us, please feel free to contact us and we can set something up.

Our students take cadaver anatomy. Special emphasis is provided on the musculoskeletal system

This value changes. Please refer to the tuition and fee information.

We do not have a rule against students working while enrolled; however, most students do not work because of coursework and clinical experience requirements. We strongly recommend that students do not work full-time and those who choose to work part-time obtain employment with a flexible schedule.

A car is recommended.  Many of our clinical sites are off-campus at local high schools, clinics, and hospitals.  There is access to public transportation, but the commute can be lengthy.

No. This is a professional program designed for those who would like to become an athletic trainer.

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