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Arnold School of Public Health

Education and Training

There are a wide variety of education and training opportunities made available to USC students involved in the field of nutrition. 

Degrees, Certificates, and Concentrations

This minor is designed to help mitigate the shortage of trained professionals by building students' competenceies in the areas of food system transformation, environmental sustainability, nutritional health improvement and social justice. 

This certificate prepares students with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to conduct international work on a variety of different topics, such as food and nutrition.

Several different programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees allow/require cognates, or a grouping of related courses, such as nutrition. For more information contact your advisor. 


Nutrition and Related Courses

Fall 2023 Nutrition Course Offerings

HPEB 488: Food Systems
HPEB 502: Applied Aspects of Human Nutrition
EXSC 507: Exercise, Sport, and Nutrition
EPID 763: Nutritional Epidemiology
ATEP 730: Behavioral Health and Wellness
HRTM 340: Nutrition
SCHC 481: The Power of Food: Cooking's Influence on Diet, Inflammation, and Health

*Some courses may have prerequisites or restrictions.

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Completed Dissertations & Theses




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