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Arnold School of Public Health

Guiding Statements

The Arnold School of Public Health is the primary public health research and education resource in South Carolina with a nearly 50-year history of impact.  Our work is guided by the following vision, mission, goals and values.


Improved population health…statewide and worldwide.


The Arnold School of Public Health will improve population health and well-being by fostering innovative education, research and practice that promotes health and healthy environments.  The Arnold School will use that knowledge and experience to promote prevention and effective response to disease, disability, and environmental degradation in all communities.


Goal 1:  Provide undergraduate and graduate educational programs of excellence

Goal 2:  Promote high quality, impactful and ethical research

Goal 3:  Recruit and retain highly qualified faculty and staff to meet our mission

Goal 4:  Support community engagement activities that promote and improve the public’s health

Goal 5:  Meet the fiscal and physical resource needs of the school


  • Community — The Arnold School of Public Health actively partners and collaborates with community leaders and organizations in its education, research and public outreach.
  • Diversity and Inclusion  The Arnold School of Public Health embraces respect for diversity and the inclusion of all persons.
  • Impact  Through inquiry, discovery and dissemination, the Arnold School of Public Health works collaboratively to improve community health, health systems, and the environment.
  • Integrity  The Arnold School of Public Health adheres to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, impartiality, stewardship, professional responsibility and scholarly ethics.
  • Leadership The Arnold School of Public Health fosters an environment of leadership through an emphasis on ethical, moral and professional behavior, rigorous scientific inquiry and the advancement of public health knowledge and practice.
  • Learning — Students are the foundation of the school. The outstanding faculty and staff of the Arnold School of Public Health provide high quality, innovative educational and experiential opportunities for learners at all levels.
  • Social Justice — In pursuit of health equity for all populations, the Arnold School of Public Health seeks to address barriers that prevent individuals from attaining complete environmental, physical, mental and social well-being.
  • Translation — Through scholarship, practice and outreach, the Arnold School of Public Health actively strives to translate advances in scientific knowledge and use evidence-based practices and policies to improve individual, community and societal health. 

Reviewed and updated in AY2024

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