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Arnold School of Public Health

  • A graduate receives an award for achievement

Student Awards

Jeffrey Keith Mattison Outstanding Student Achievement Award

This award is presented each year to the master's level graduating student who best exemplifies the special characteristics of Jeffrey Keith Mattison, an epidemiology and biostatistics student who passed away early on during his program. To remember his life, initiative and motivation for work in public health, the Student Public Health Association (now the Dean’s Student Advisory Council) created the Jeffrey Keith Mattison Outstanding Student Achievement Award. Arnold School faculty, staff, or students may nominate students who meet the following criteria:

  • Active in service activities as well as being goal-directed, highly motivated, and able to accept challenges readily
  • Demonstrates the ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Demonstrates an interest in and an understanding of an area of public health
  • Demonstrates outstanding services and/or leadership in the interest of public health

2024: Brandi Daves (COMD)
2023: Sujal Patel (ATEP)
2022: Isabella Alonso (HPEB)
2021: Kara Keiper (HSPM)
2020: Kacey Ohlemeyer (ATEP)
2019: Sydney D. Bassard (COMD)
2018: Sophia Marie Sharp (HSPM)
2017: Elena O. Keretses (ATEP)
2016: Katie Babcock (HSPM)
2015: Sara Goldsby (HSPM)
2014: Joseph Current (EPID)
2013: Robert Boyd Stith IV (HSPM)
2012: Monford Darr Russell (HSPM)
2011: Jerin Mathew Raj (HSPM)
2010: Kolby Taylor (HSPM)
2009: Emily Elizabeth Matthews (HPEB)
2008: Sarah A. Huggins (HPEB)
2007: Jelani Calhoun Kerr (HPEB)
2006: Joel A. Nelson (HPEB)
2005: Holly Gilmore (HPEB)
2004: Marya Shegog (HPEB)
2003: Delesha Miller (HPEB)
2002: Samuel Walker (ENHS)
2001: Nikki Kerr (HPEB)
2000: Dahia Barr (EPID)
1999: Andrew Pope (HPEB)
1998: Crystal McNeil (HPEB)
1997: Virginie Daguise (EPID)
1996: Romel Lacson (HPEB)
1995: Julie Mobley (EPID)
1994: Krysta Heybrook (HPEB)
1993: Laura Valleni (EPID)
1992: Steve Bailey (EXSC)
1991: Renee Boothroyd (HPEB)
1990: Leroy Frazier (HPEB)
1989:  Patricia Price (EPID)


Doctoral Student Achievement Award

This award is presented to an outstanding doctoral candidate graduating from the Arnold School. Students are nominated by Arnold School faculty, and selection is based on academic performance and achievements as well as their potential for professional contribution. Selection criteria include:

  • Academic achievement as indicated by the nominee’s grades and grade point average
  • Demonstrated track record of meaningful and relevant research, and/or practical application to the field of public health
  • Demonstrated potential leadership and service to the community or to the field of public health

2024: Rajat Das Gupta (EPID)
2023: Gabriel Benavidez (EPID)
2022: Kyndall C. Braumuller (EPID)
2021: Chengbo Zeng (HPEB)
2020 Elizabeth Regan (EXSC)
2019 Oluwole Babatunde (EPID)
2018 Alicia Anne Dahl (HPEB)
2017 S. Morgan Hughey (HPEB)
2016 Danielle E. Schoffman (HPEB)
2015 Arpit Saxena (EXSC)
2014 Fred Tabung (EPID)
2013 Erin Kaye Howie (EXSC)
2012 Jorge Armando Banda (EXSC)
2011 Christopher E. Kline (EXSC)
2010 Andrey Bortsov (EPID)
2009 Ikechukwu "Ike" Udo Ogbuanu (EPID)
2008 Roberto Leon Felipe Lobelo (EXSC)
2007 Kerry Leigh McIver (EXSC)
2006 Heath Kelsey (ENHS)
2005 Michelle Umstattd (HPEB)
2004 Swann Adams (EPID)
2003 Karen Gaines (ENHS)
2002 Keith Zullig (HPEB)
2001 Brian Kirtland (ENHS)
2000 Alecia Malin (HPEB)
1999 Melinda Irwin (EXSC)
1998 Stewart Trost (EXSC)
1998 Christian Schlekat (ENHS)
1997 Todd Houston (COMD)
1996 Matthew Wahl (ENHS)
1995 Douglas Singh (HSPM)
1994 Debra Boardley (HPEB)
1993 Jennifer Waller (EPID)

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