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Graduate School

Communication & Negotiation

The ability to express your ideas clearly in speech and writing is vitally important as a scholar. It can also help you secure funding and increase your employability.

Communication Workshops

Designed to help students explain the value and relevance of their research to a non-specialized audience. Led by Dr. Jonathan Edwards.

Improve your chances of securing funding for your research.

Learn how to clearly explain its value and relevance.

Perfect your cover letters and personal statements.

Situate your work within a broader context.

Be able to answer "What do you do?" in an engaging way.

Have more fun and feel less isolated around your family and friends by being able to answer the question “What do you do?”

Get prospective employers’ attention. 

Portray your expertise in a confident, jargon-free style.


Curriculum Vitae Workshops

Practical tips to help ensure your C.V. makes it to the top of the pile.

Find a Workshop 

Graduate School Calendar

Hosted by Mark Anthony, assistant director of the Career Center. The workshops are co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence, Graduate Student Association, Career Center and Graduate School.


$tart $mart Salary Negotiation

$tart $mart workshops provide students who are approaching the job market knowledge and communication skills to negotiate salaries and benefits so that they receive fair and realistic compensation.


3-Minute Thesis/Dissertation Speeches (3MTD)

A Graduate Student Day competition category which pushes students to effectively distill and explain the significance of their dissertation or thesis. 


Each Spring

Awards & Recognition

The first-place winner of the 3-Minute Thesis/Dissertation Speeches wins:

Why Participate?

  • Develop public speaking skills.
  • Crystalize your research discoveries and share your findings with a broad, non-specialized audience.


The Graduate School hosts communication workshops to help students prepare for the 3MTD speech competition.

Find 3MTD workshops on the Graduate School calendar


Dance Your Ph.D. Contest

This competition invites doctoral students and Ph.D. recipients to explain their research through interpretive dance. Sponsored by Science magazine and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

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