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Graduate School

Student Athletics Tickets

Students taking fewer than 12 credit hours must add student ticket access to their bill via the Bursar’s Office. Access to student tickets is automatically included for students taking 12 or more credit hours.

Add Student Ticket Access to Your Tuition

If you are a student taking fewer than 12 credit hours and would like access to tickets for Gamecock football, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball games, you must add the student ticket fee to your bill through the Bursar’s Office. All other Gamecock Athletics events do not require a ticket. All that is needed for entry is your Carolina Card.

Visit the Bursar’s Office  and view the instructions for ‘Adding Optional Fees.’

Earn Priority Points and Claim Student Tickets

Paying the fee does not guarantee tickets and only makes you eligible to participate in the student ticketing process. Tickets are granted through a priority points system. Graduate students begin each academic year with 6 priority points, which is the same as undergraduate juniors. Additional points are earned with each Gamecock Athletics event attended. These additional points increase the likelihood of being granted a ticket for marquee matchups.

Please ensure you have downloaded the Student Rewards App and have registered with your University of South Carolina email. The app is available in both the Apple App store.

For help requesting your ticket, visit the Request Guide.

Athletics Calendar

See the full calendar of events on GamecocksOnline.

Request a Ticket

Football Tickets 

Request a ticket to see our iconic Gamecock football team command home field at Williams-Brice Stadium. Tickets are available for USC Columbia students. 

Basketball Tickets 

Watch our championship-winning basketball teams in action. Claim your ticket to join your classmates in the student section at Colonial Life Arena. Tickets are available for USC Columbia students. 

Baseball Tickets

Score your spot at Founders Park and show your support for Gamecock baseball. Tickets are available for USC Columbia students. 

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