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Graduate School

2022 - 2023 Members

Council Members

Name Program or Affiliation End Year Keywords
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Abshire, Demetrius Nursing 2023  
Addy, Cheryl Interim Dean, Graduate School (ex officio)    
Anderson, Hassan Music 2025  
Bulusu, Subrahmanyam Earth, Ocean, and Environment 2024  
Das Gupta, Rajat Graduate Student Association 2023  
Ellis, Jean Vice Chair, Geography 2024  
Fang, Jing College of Pharmacy 2025  
Goldsmith, Edie School of Medicine 2025  
Harrington, Shana Physical Therapy 2023  
Kubickova, Marketa Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management 2024  
Matchin, William Communication Sciences and Disorders 2024  
McAdoo, Terrance Instruction and Teacher Education 2025  
Mitchell, Murray Council Secretary, Graduate School (ex officio)    
Nelakuditi, Srihari Computer Science and Engineering 2023  
Reisman, David Biological Sciences 2024  
Regoeczi, Wendy Criminology and Criminal Justice 2025  
Shapiro, Stephen Chair, Sport and Entertainment Management 2023  
Venkataraman, Sriram Management Science 2023  
Wiskur, Sheryl Chemistry and Biochemistry 2023  
Woods, Neal Political Science 2025  
Yao, Christina Education Leadership and Policies 2024  


Academic Policy and Practices Committee

Name Program or Affiliation
Ellis, Jean Chair, Geography
Brown, Matt Sport and Entertainment Management
Drasgow, Erik Educational Studies
Wooten, Nikki Social Work


Fellowships and Scholarships Committee

Name Program or Affiliation
Nelakuditi, Srihari Chair, Computer Science and Engineering
Gross, Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Hazlett, Linda Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Kim, Kathy Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
Ohrt, Jonathan Counselor Education
Selph, Margaret Nursing
Stuart, Greg Music

Grievances , Appeals and Petitions Committee

Name Program or Affiliation
Harrington, Shana Chair, Physical Therapy
Abshire, Demetrius Nursing
Das Gupta, Raja Graduate Student Association
Resiman, David Biological Sciences


Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, and Related Professional Programs Committee 

Name Program or Affiliation
Regoeczi, Wendy Chair, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Limberg, Dodie Counselor Education
Morgan, Becky Instruction and Teacher Education
Thompson, Kim School of Information Science


Science, Math, and Related Professional Programs Committee 

Name Program or Affiliation
Fang, jing Chair, College of Pharmacy
Mensch, Jim Athletic Training
Xu, Songhua Integrated Information Technology


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