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Graduate School

2013 - 2014 Members

The Council

Name Program or Affiliation End Year Keywords
(hidden column)
Beecroft, Alexander Languages, Literatures and Cultures (elected) 2016  
Brown, Matt
Sport and Entertainment Management (elected)
Brown, Nancy Social Work (elected) 2016  
Carver, Wayne Medicine (elected) 2014  
Darmofal, David Political Science (elected) 2014  
Drasgow, Erik Educational Studies (elected) 2015  
Floyd, Minuette Art (appointed) 2015  
Fritz, Stacy Vice Chair, Exercise Science/Physical Therapy (elected) 2015  
Hilbish, Jerry 
Biological Sciences (appointed)
Hodgson, Michael
Geography (elected) (Sabbatical 2013-2014)
Jenkins, J. Daniel Music (appointed) 2014  
Kramer, Thomas Marketing (appointed) 2016  
Lopez-Robertson, Julia Instruction and Teacher Education (elected) 2016  
Messias, DeAnne Nursing (elected) 2015  
Nagel, Caroline Geography (appointed) 2014  
Osokina, Elena History (elected) 2016  
Solomon, Paul Chair, Library and Information Science (appointed) 2014  
Walter, Brittany Graduate Student Association Representative (appointed) 2014  
Weldon-Stewart, Tracey English (appointed) 2015  
Weik, Terrance Anthropology (appointed) 2015  
Ford, Lacy Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies None  
Elfenbein, Jessica  Senior Associate Dean and Graduate School Representative None  
Mitchell, Murray  Associate Dean and Council Secretary None  
Moore, Dale Assistant Dean, Ombudsman, and Graduate School Representative None  
Finnigan, Kristia Assistant Provost, Academic Programs and Office of the Provost Representative None  


2013 - 2014 Committees

Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Related Professional Programs

Name Program or Affiliation
Jenkins, J. Daniel Committee Chairperson, Music
Beecroft, Alexander  Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Brown, Matt Sport and Entertainment Management
Weldon-Stewart, Tracey English


Science, Math and Related Professional Programs

Name Program or Affiliation
Messias, DeAnne Committee Chairperson, Nursing
Tedeschi, David Physics
Yeargin, Susan Physical Education and Athletic Training


Academic Policy and Practices

Name Program or Affiliation
Fritz, Stacy Committee Chairperson, Exercise Science/Physical Therapy
Addy, Cheryl Biostatistics
Solomon, Paul Library and Information Science
Kelehear, Zach Educational Leadership and Policy


Grievances, Appeals and Petitions

Name Program or Affiliation
Drasgow, Erik Committee Chairperson, Educational Studies
Brown, Nancy Social Work
Weik, Terrance Anthropology
Walter, Brittany Graduate Student Association Representative


Fellowships and Scholarships Committee

Name Program or Affiliation
Carver, Wayne Committee Chairperson, Medicine
Chana, Anindya Environmental Health Sciences
Darmofal, David Political Science
Here, Bob Sport and Entertainment Management
Hilbish, Jerry Biological Sciences
Iachini, Aidyn Social Work
Floyd, Minuette Art
Osokina, Elena History


Program Review Committee

TBD - Appointed and convened as needed. 

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