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Graduate Course & Curriculum Changes

Submitting a Proposal

The Office of Academic Programs facilitates the submission and approval of curriculum proposals. 

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Submit all proposals through this portal. 

Submission Instructions and All Proposals

See instructions for the type of proposal you'd like to submit or browse all proposals. 


Proposal Types

Requiring Graduate Council Review

  • New Course and Course Change Proposals for 700+ Level

  • Required Course Syllabus (must satisfy particular requirements - see the 700+ Level Sample Syllabus)

  • Changes to the Graduate Bulletin

  • New Graduate Curricular Program and Program Change Proposals

Proposals Requiring Graduate School Administrative Review

  • New Course and Course Change Proposals for Courses 500 to 699 (if the course is available for either graduate or undergraduate credit, the syllabus must specify how the requirements are quantitatively and qualitatively different for undergraduates and graduates credit - see policy ACAF 2.03 for full details)

Submitting for Different Course Levels 

Special Topics Course Proposals 

These courses are intended to capitalize on a unique opportunity or to explore a topic for possible inclusion in a curriculum as a regular course.  Special Topics courses will appear on student transcripts by title and are not intended to be used as a mechanism to circumvent the faculty approval process for new courses. 

  • Special Topics Proposal Form  Users include those identified by the College or School as able to submit a proposal (proponents) and those with approval authority for proposals (approvers).  A tutorial can be found here.  For questions regarding this form, please email

APPS Submission Portal

Submit all proposals through this portal. 

Submission Deadline for Review by Graduate Council

Submit your proposal at least a week before the first day of the month to allow time for it to go through the necessary approvals and be added to the Graduate Council queue by the first of the month. 

Late Submissions

If your proposal is not received by the submission deadline, it will be considered the following month. Materials received after the first of May or the first of December won't be reviewed until the start of the following semester.

Track Your Submission

You can check on the progress of your proposal through Academic Programs Proposal System (APPS)It may take several days for a proposal to go through various levels of approval. 

Timeline Questions

Contact Wanda Barr at (803) 777-1875 or

Review Process

Curriculum committees review proposals in the second week of each month. After the curriculum committee considers the proposal, the Graduate Council or the Faculty Senate (depending on the course level) will review. They will either approve the proposal or return it to the academic unit for revisions.


If revisions are requested and made within the stated timeframe, the proposal will be sent out the Friday before the Graduate Council meeting that month. Final recommendations will be communicated by the chairs of the curriculum committees to the Graduate Council.

Graduate Council

Meetings of the Graduate Council are open, except for agenda items pertaining to personnel or student files. All faculty and staff are invited to attend. 

Date and Time

Fourth Monday of each month during the academic year, except for December and May.

December and May meetings are held on the second Monday.

All meetings are at 2:00 p.m.


Will be announced to department chairs and graduate directors and will be available on the Graduate School home page.

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