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Graduate School

Combination Degree Programs

Combination degree programs allow you to work on two degrees at the same time with a preset program of study. By combining credits, you take fewer courses than you would need if you pursued each degree separately. 

Applying for a Combination Degree Program

You will submit an application for each program in the combination degree.

General Graduate School Application 

Apply for your combination degree via the Graduate School application. Choose your program pairing from under the Combination Degree heading.  Business and professional programs are handled separately.

Darla Moore School of Business Application

The Darla Moore School of Business uses a separate application from other combination degree programs.

Professional Degree Program Applications

Professional degree programs are not managed by the Graduate School and use their own applications. 

Submit Two Separate Applications

To apply for a combination degree, you will need to submit an application for each program. This allows each program to receive your information and supporting documents required from all other applicants to their program. 


Your second application is free if your second program uses the general Graduate School Combination Degree, Part II application. Professional degree programs require full payment for both applications.


Admission to one program in a combination degree offering does not guarantee admission to the other program.


See All Combination Degree Programs

Search the keywords "Combination Degree" on the Degree Programs & Application Requirements page.

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