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Graduate School

LaTeX Files

LaTeX is a typesetting system that gives users simple commands for formatting complex text, such as long formulas and foreign languages.

LaTeX Files

  • modelmain.text
  • uscauthoryear.bbx
  • uscauthoryear.cbx
  • uscnumeric.bbx
  • uscnumeric.cbx
  • uscthesis.cls
  • uscthesisdoc.pdf

Download LaTeX Files [zip]

Using These Files

You will need a LaTeX distribution. 

The distribution contains files that are needed to process your file into a presentable document. Options are freely available on the internet. 

Two Distribution Options
  • MiKTeX  - works on most Windows operating systems
  • TeXLive  - works on Windows, Mac and most Unix-based operating systems

LaTeX Instructions 

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