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Department of Theatre and Dance

MFA in Costume Design and Technology

A Note for Prospective Students

We shall never have done with studying and learning.  In the theatre, as in life, we try first of all to free ourselves, as far as we can, from our own limitations.  Then we can begin to practice “this noble and magical art.”  Then we may begin to dream.

Robert Edmund Jones
The Dramatic Imagination


The art of Costume Design begins with a passion for understanding and developing the creative process, as both an individual artist and as a collaborative team member.

As a member of the MFA Costume Design Program, you will learn, through theory and practical application, how to discover your own approach to the creative process while at the same time gaining confidence as a productive collaborative artist. The MFA Costume Design program of study is designed to build strength in analytical, artistic and technical skills, and to provide the student with a strong visual perception for creating and supporting the environment and characters in the world of the play.

The designer creates this “special world” using the tools of line, color and texture, in combination with historical and social research, to create a living composition that reflects the thoughts and ideas of the playwright, director, designer and actor. This synthesis creates a theatrical transformation of word, music, movement, light and image that communicates meaning and emotion about our connected human experience to the audience.

This approach to the unique combination of visual composition and poetry of performance is at the heart of our process for creating a compelling and authentic design in costume. We are passionate about guiding young artists in the development of the creative process and are devoted to helping students find their own voice, style and methods of artistic expression.

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Kristy Hall

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.