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The AI & AGI Laboratory


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The AI & AGI Laboratory researches artificial intelligence (AI) in relation to human general intelligence. Our experiments are designed to observe interactions between human intelligence and simulations of AI. We measure both cognitive-decisions and biometric-reactions of participants inside the laboratory. Doing so provides insights on how learning is affected both positively and negatively by AI technology. Outcomes of the experiment also provide predictions on the feasibility, limitations, and risks of AI's pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Broad questions we explore include: Is AI changing the way we think? How does human intelligence overcome AI's limitations? How can AI address these limitations to move closer to AGI? Ultimately, we hope the process of attempting to answer these questions provide a deeper understanding of what differentiates humans from artificial creations.

Term: Ongoing

Participation Instructions: All USC students welcome to participate. Meetings held every Friday, 1:30 PM-4:30 PM (except holidays and summer).



Time Commitment: 90 - 119 hours


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