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Health, Society, and Culture in the UK


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Edinburgh, UK

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In this program, students will identify themes in historical and contemporary discourses on health and apply knowledge of these themes to experiences of Edinburgh, and they will participate in guided experiences of the city that engage concepts from the history of science and policies related to diseases, germs, and epidemics. Students will learn about the influences of health concepts and medical science on British cultural sites and practices such as urban planning, architecture, transportation, and food.

Edinburgh is an ideal program destination for discussing these issues because it is rich in medical history and scientific research. The Edinburgh Medical School, established in 1726 during the Scottish Enlightenment, is the oldest medical school in the English-speaking world. The city was an early center of medical research, particularly of anatomy. Edinburgh is also an ideal site for exploring the distribution of health, as its historical epidemics led to the development of the affluent New Town in the 1760s, with urban and economic planning designed to avoid the health and hygiene issues caused by overcrowding in the Old Town. Students will have the opportunity to explore these developments firsthand.

Other educational activities in this trip include: tours of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, and medical museums as well as an excursion to the Scottish Highlands.

Application Deadline: March 1

Term: Spring

Participation Instructions: *Intended for International House Students, Galen Health Fellows, and students interested in health field* *Students must speak with Breanne Grace first before completing an application through the Education Abroad Office.*



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