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GLST 391/GLST 490 (Internship): Peacebuilding in Kosovo


What to Expect

Prishtina, Kosovo

6/1/24 - 6/19/24 or 6/1/24 - 7/27/24 (Internship included)

Course Description:
This 6-9 credit hour program is targeted to students in Global Studies, International Business, Geography, Anthropology, International Studies, Journalism, and Tourism Studies and related majors who seek to better understand post-conflict changes in a recently independent country. The program takes advantage of our faculty leader's extensive knowledge of the country and region, as well as the reliable support of local colleagues and service providers, to deliver students a robust experience that connects their courses of study with real-world opportunities to participate in the changes taking place in Kosovo. Learning activities are built around two interrelated courses, both offered under the flexible GLST 391 topics in Global Studies header. One is an anthropological approach to understanding identity and conflict. The other course discusses the war and the peacebuilding activities undertaken since 1999. This program also includes fieldtrips, guest lectures, and a home-stay experience to deepen students' exposure to the local people and cultural habits of Kosovo.

Unique to our program is the option to extend one's stay for an additional 6 weeks (8 weeks total) and to complete a 3-credit hour internship GLST 490. These unpaid internships will be with local NGOs in Prishtina that are engaged in peacebuilding work in multiple sectors from minority and gender rights, democratization, public health, media, and more.

Term: Summer

Participation Instructions: See program requirements to determine student eligibility.



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