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SLIS 202: Chile Maymester - Introduction to Information Literacy and Technology


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Santiago, Chile

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SLIS 202 introduces students to the basic information technologies used in all types of organizations and the essential concepts and skills needed for information literacy. These skills are becoming essential in our world that is full of information overload and misinformation. Students learn skills that will help them critically analyze information and discover appropriate sources for their information needs.

This class will look at information from a broad, international perspective giving the students a unique skill set when it comes to information literacy. Information literacy is often used as an umbrella term that applies to many types of literacies including cultural, environmental, and technology. Students will have the opportunity to compare aspects of information literacy in a county that uses technology for government activities (ex. voting) and interacts with information differently on a societal level. Each excursion will focus on a specific area of information literacy.

Term: Summer

Participation Instructions: See program requirements to determine student eligibility.



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