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IBUS 490R (Undergrad)/IBUS 750 (Grad): (Exploring Global) Business in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia


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Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic

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Course Description:
This course provides students with the opportunity to learn and explore the business environment in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia (CEE&R). This region is a collection of diverse economies with different levels of economic and institutional development, varying political systems, and different cultures. The region is important for global business because of (a) the bridging role it plays between Western and Eastern Europe (Austria); (b) the on-going transition from centrally planned to market economies (Czech Republic), and (c) one of the very important countries in the world in a geopolitical and economic sense (Russia). The objective of the course is to provide in-depth knowledge about the unique challenges and opportunities these conditions create for global business.

Term: Summer

Participation Instructions: See program requirements to determine student eligibility.



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