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IBUS 490V: Economic Development and Transition in Vietnam


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Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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This course provides participants with the opportunity to examine business, society and culture in the dynamic economic setting of Vietnam in Southeast Asia. Students will explore a vibrant economy in transition to gain insights into how emerging economies address global and local markets forces as well as institutional and regulatory reforms that compel accelerated economic development. Activities consist of visits to companies and organizations for presentations by executives and discussions with managers in their facilities. These activities include visits to firms in both the manufacturing and service sectors as well institutions of higher education where lectures on special topics are offered. The goal is to gain deeper insights into the relationship between Vietnam's trade and investment environment and how this drives enterprise at the national and local levels. In addition, we explore important cultural and historical sites as well as different geographical settings across the unique landscape of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Our class will explore two key urban environments of Vietnam - Hanoi, the capital city in the north, and Ho Chi Minh City - formerly Saigon - in the south, as each metropolitan environment presents a unique economic dimension of Vietnamese society and culture. Students will also spend two days in the rural setting of the Mekong Delta to experience Vietnam's cultural and environmental diversity. Special emphasis for the course is given to issues of integration, innovation and transformation in relation to economic development, investment and international trade in Vietnam.

Term: Summer

Participation Instructions: See program requirements to determine student eligibility.



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