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IBUS 490E: Business Opportunities in the European Market


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Study Abroad Location:
Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France

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Course Description:
This course provides students with an overview on the conduct of business in Europe. It will focus particularly on how firms in the Eurozone deal with the ongoing economic opportunities and challenges of the region. The course covers the context, tools, and factual knowledge useful for understanding the institutional and competitive environment and managerial challenges of firms in Europe. Given the scale and diversity of business activities in the region, the course aims at providing students with knowledge of cases that are applicable in their other future endeavors.

This will be a course built on three main pillars:

I. Preparatory readings - which will help the students become acquainted with the economics and institutions of the Eurozone. A two-hour lecture will also be given on related topics during the Mandatory Moore School Pre-Departure Workshop.

II. Travel Abroad - students will visit Brussels, Belgium, and Paris, France, combining business visits with cultural excursions. Emphasis will be put on understanding the key economic and institutional differences between operations in the United States and Europe.

III. The return assignment - students will fly from Europe to the USA, where they will have a maximum period of one week to write a report assessing the experiences gained from business visits and those from the cultural excursions in Europe.

Term: Summer

Participation Instructions: See program requirements to determine student eligibility.



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