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SLIS 499 and JOUR 596: Barcelona, Spain - Beyond the Classroom


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Study Abroad Location:
Barcelona, Spain

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Course Description:
No basic tourist destinations or tour busses for us!

JOUR 596: The class will be split into small teams of diverse students (various CIC majors) who will pool their research, knowledge, skills to produce stories/projects told in a variety of media (words, photographs, video, social media data visualization and more). While in Barcelona and the surrounding area, the students will travel on foot and by public transportation to discover and collect content hidden in the streets of Barcelona for their projects while being mentored by the faculty.

SLIS 499: The course introduces the students to basic information technologies used in all types of organizations (U.S. & Spain) and the essential concepts and skills needed for information literacy. Students will learn to navigate different information environments, evaluate and use the information to different audiences.

Term: Summer

Participation Instructions: See program requirements to determine student eligibility.



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