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IBUS 490P: The Old and the New at the Edge of Europe


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Lisbon and Porto, Portugal

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This course offers students a comprehensive overview of conducting business in Portugal, with a specific focus on various industries, ranging from traditional sectors like food, wine, and construction to cutting-edge fields such as IT and sustainable business. Through the lens of Portugal, the course also provides students with valuable insights into the broader European business landscape. Despite its geographical position on the edge of Europe, Portugal has successfully leveraged its potential limitations to prosper.

The curriculum delves into the contextual factors, tools, and factual knowledge essential for comprehending the institutional and competitive environment, as well as the managerial challenges faced by firms operating in Portugal. Given the country's diverse business activities and its significance in the European context, the course aims to equip students with knowledge from practical cases that not only deepen their understanding of Portugal but also prove applicable in their future endeavors beyond this course.

Term: Summer

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