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ENGL 439: Creative Writing and Community Engagement


What to Expect

Description of Course:
Course will explore creative writing and community engagement, creative writing as community engagement. The course will explore tactical urbanism and its focus on human-centered design; public arts projects that disrupt routine, invite reflection, or facilitate human connection; and creative writing as social engagement and social activism. We will also read selected literary works that engage with ideas of identity, belonging, community, and writing as action. We will also meet with writers who are engaged in community projects or community service. You do not have to be a creative writing student or an education student to take the course, though the course will include creative writing assignments and readings on education and service learning.

Description of Beyond the Classroom Component:
The class is a service-learning course. As part of the course, students will work with the instructor Ed Madden, who is completing his term as the city's poet laureate this fall, to design and implement community arts projects.

Course / Section Number:
ENGL 439 section 003

Term: Ongoing

Participation Instructions: Open to students who have taken ENGL 101 and 102 with a C or better



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