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Sustainable Artists aim to redefine the limits and boundaries of art through the repurposing of used materials such as plastic, glass, wrappers, tins, cardboard, paper, clothing fabrics, styrofoam, and more. The goal of this organization is to encourage more people to think about ways of being more sustainable and discovering alternative uses for disposable items.

We will strive to educate ourselves on artists who use nontraditional media and follow them as guides. Prepare to be fascinated by artists who use nontraditional media and challenge the question of what is art or what can become art. We will meet once a week to learn about new ways of using old materials and exchange ideas and show off our designs.

Registered Student Organization (RSO): student organizations that are independent legal entities from the University, have no delegated authority from the University, and do not perform functions on behalf of the university.

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