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Carolina-Clemson Blood Drive Committee


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Since 1984, we have collaborated with Clemson to host one of the biggest blood drives in the country. As Gamecocks, and fellow students, we know how much Rivalry Week impacts campus life, activities, and school spirit. Our organization harnesses the historic rivalry between schools by allowing the student populations to compete in the annual blood drive to see which school can donate the most amount of blood (in pints). As a student-run organization, we collaborate through bi-weekly meetings to discuss and plan the annual Carolina-Clemson blood drive. At these meetings, we brainstorm the best ways to organize the blood drive on campus, brainstorm how to get the best donor turnout, discuss sponsorships and PR, and relay any updates we may have.

Associated Student Organization (ASO): student organizations to which the University has delegated certain limited authority to perform specific tasks aligned with the University's mission. These groups are required to maintain a University Advisor who is acting within the context of their university employment.

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