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My USC Experience

At South Carolina, academics embody diverse learning engagements. Through the university's My USC Experience, students can access a universe of experiential learning options that expand knowledge and cultivate professional and personal development. Here, you author your USC experience.


Shape your college education

Not only do you choose your major and decide how much time and energy you'll invest in your coursework, you also determine your depth of involvement and engagement on campus in degree-related activities.

Even in your earliest days on campus, USC students have access to purposeful activities that further learning and personal growth. Those who leverage learning engagements throughout their time on campus — both inside and outside the classroom — supplement academic gains in life-changing ways.


At first, I was really intimidated working alongside senior nursing and pharmacy students, the USC medical group and international providers. But I’m so glad I signed up. Getting that exposure so early with hands-on patient care definitely gave me practical experience. The experience pushed me to do well in my classes and get into the upper division.

Shir’Mel McCullough
Shir’Mel McCullough wearing blue scrubs and a red stethoscope while holding a baby and smiling at the camera.

Learn with your interests and goals at heart.

Every student comes to college with unique interests and personal circumstances. One commonality they all share? Being involved on campus, beyond simply attending class, is a great indicator of future success.

Creating a positive, purposeful student life happens in many ways:

  • Attend events around campus to make new connections
  • Invest in your future career by exploring major options
  • Join a student group or sports team, or volunteer for service projects
  • Be a responsible citizen and follow the Carolinian Creed
  • Develop and exercise career-enhancing leadership skills
  • Gain perspective through study abroad, research or internships

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At South Carolina, year one is for discovering possibilities. Being a national leader in first-year experience gives your education a foundation for limitless potential. With each semester you'll further define your personal goals, explore alternate pathways and move closer to your ultimate ambition.

USC stamp with text Nation's Best First-Year Experience U.S. News Public Universities.

Weave experiential insights into your studies.

As you gain new skills and layers of knowledge, move with confidence into businesses, labs, organizations, clinical settings and even other countries. What begins in our classrooms is just the foundation of all you’ll accomplish beyond them.

Explore the different kinds of experiential learning that’s available throughout the University of South Carolina.

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    Explore your understanding, study emerging needs, or support projects in the lab, classroom or in the field.

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    Workplace Experience

    Gain workplace experience and practice critical skills in opportunities that are in sync with your future plans.

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    Support your community through service or volunteer work that benefits both your knowledge and the common good.

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    International Learning

    Learn within immersive cultural experiences both stateside and abroad that fuel your curiosity and independence.

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    Hone your personal skills and share what you know by working closely with others toward common goals.

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    Campus Involvement

    Be involved in student life in a range of ways from taking part in events and activities to working on campus.

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    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Take part in creating more inclusive environments that foster diversity, advocate for social justice and affirm all individuals.

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    Educational Support

    Make your academic experience even more valuable with focused support in the classroom and beyond.

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    Capstone Project

    Connect your coursework to research or academic exploration that furthers your knowledge and experience to new heights.

Take the next step.

Start planning your co-curricular or experiential engagements so your My USC Experience record can be part of your co-curricular transcript. Meet with your academic advisor to get started or find the details in our getting started videos. Search the database for USC learning engagements that fit your plans and schedule.

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