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Office of the Vice President for Research

2022-2023 SPARC Graduate Research Grants awarded to 49 graduate students

The Office of the Vice President for Research is excited to award 49 2022-2023 SPARC Graduate Research Grants to support graduate student researchers across nine University of South Carolina academic units. These SPARC recipients, listed below, will use their funding to engage in research, scholarly and creative projects over a 15-month period beginning this May.

Through SPARC, or Support to Promote Advancement of Research and Creativity, graduate students compete for internal funding of up to $5,000 to support their meritorious research, creative and scholarly projects. The SPARC application process includes many of the same steps involved in developing extramural research funding proposals, like planning a budget, documenting current and pending support, and drafting and refining the proposal narrative. By applying for SPARC, students practice these skills and prepare themselves for a future in research.

Please join the Office of the Vice President for Research in congratulating these bright graduate student scholars and thank you for the mentorship and support of our faculty advisors and departments.


2022-2023 SPARC Graduate Research Grant Recipients

Recipient Name Degree Program Proposal Title
Atefe Aghaei Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Impacts of COVID-19 and Taliban takeover on Afghan refugee women's mental health wellbeing
Saharnaz Babaei Balderlou Economics Money or Love: Student Loans and Post-Graduation Work Outcomes
Shanikque Blackwell Health Services Policy and Management Impact of Telehealth and Obstetrics Capacity on Maternal Health Outcomes & User Satisfaction: A Mixed Methods Approach
Tancia Bradshaw Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology The role of adipoctye insulin signaling in controlling adult ovarian stem cell populations
Marren Brooks Communication Sciences and Disorders Reading Prosody in Elementary-age Children who use Cochlear Implants
Brooke Bullard Biomedical Sciences Gut microbiota’s contribution to the beneficial effects of panaxynol on murine ulcerative colitis
Jennii Burrell Chemistry A thermodynamic study of iron oxide nanocrystal surface chemistry using isothermal titration calorimetry toward enhancement of an emerging magnetic biosensing platform
Hannah Catron Linguistics Harsh Voice Quality in Appalachia
Amanda Davis Psychology-School Developing a Behavior-Based Measure of Teacher-Student Relationship Quality
Katherine DeVivo Exercise Science Understanding the factors influencing movement behaviors and affect among dog owners
Shea Ferguson Educational Psychology and Research What motivates your students? Exploring teaching assistants’ beliefs about motivation
Kaylyn Garcia Psychology-Clinical-Community Phase 1 Development of a Community-Member Informed, Community Advisory Board (CAB) Alliance Measure
John Gilliam Exercise Sciences Simulated trunk proprioceptive impairment: a paradigm for sensorimotor dysfunction in low back pain
Erin Gorman Biomedical Sciences Mitochondrial function in the prefrontal cortex as a nexus for the consequences of gestational stress
Lídia Gual Gonzalez Epidemiology Unearthing Candidatus Rickettsia andeanae, a novel tick-borne pathogen, in PeeDee South Carolina
Carly Halcomb Biomedical Sciences An amygdala-cortical neural circuit for the control of generalized gear and anxiety
Christian Harrison Chemistry and Biochemistry Photophysical and Stability Investigation of Silicon Phthalocyanines through Axial Protection and an Extended Conjugated System
Jason (Bailey) Heath Mathematics On the Representation Dimension of Algebraic Tori
Marco Hernandez Biological Sciences Ing4 deficiency promotes stem cell quiescence and stress resistance in hematopoietic stem cells
Niti Jani Biological Sciences Developmental Windows of Susceptibility when Exposure to Antibiotics Increases Risk of Developing Early Onset Colorectal Cancer
Hui Jiang Hospitality Management Tourist digital wellbeing and prosocial behavior: The role of social media
Dakshu Jindal Health Services Policy and Management An analysis of the association between state direct access laws and physical therapy use, and the effect of change in physical therapy use on subsequent healthcare costs and opioid use
Samantha Kincaid Biological Sciences The Role of Sexual Conflict in Seminal Fluid Protein Evolution in Drosophila melanogaster
Chunyan Li Applied Mathematics Investigation of Dynamic Boundary Conditions and Surface Curvature Effects for Thermodynamically Consistent Phase Field Models in Arbitrarily Shaped Domains
Enhui Liu Electrical Engineering Lithium-ion Battery Health Management with LS-Based SFP Model
Morgan Lowder Political Science Business or Beneficiary: How Social Welfare Framing Shapes Policy Attitudes
Tianchu Lyu Health Services Policy and Management Predict the occurrence of postpartum cardiovascular disease and assess the impacts of structural disparities among a national cohort of pregnant women using electronic health records
Jennifer Marler History The Revolutionary Black Experience in Occupied New York City (1776-1783)
Mary Mitchell Biological Sciences Determining the Impact of Increased 2-AG Signaling in a Crohn’s Disease Model
Tannaz Mohammadi Biological Sciences Characterization of newly discovered broad host range ssDNA bacteriophages that infect Caulobacter strains.
Dyk Chung Nguyen Physics The use of graphene kinks in filters to remove toxic metals from water
Huan Ning Geography Neighborhood Mobility Assessment for Wheelchair Users using Street View Imagery and Artificial Intelligence
Md Nasim Saba (Nasim) Nishat Biostatistics Personalized treatment for glucose intolerance in VLBW infants via dynamic treatment regimes
Junlin Ou Mechanical Engineering Autonomous Multi-Robot Cooperation and Real-time Planning for Intelligent Manufacturing and Warehousing
Sowmya Raghu Mechanical Engineering Development of Gas Turbine Engine Design and Performance Monitoring Tool ( GTE-DMT )
Ekaterina Rojas Kolomiets Geological Sciences Deciphering the compositional origin of Earth's crust with molybdenum isotopes
Sarah Sellers Environmental Health Sciences Atmospheric Dispersion of Antibiotic Resistant Genes from Wastewater Treatment Plant Generated Bioaerosols
Arash Shokrisaravi Comparative Literature John Duns Scotus
Savannah Simpson Psychology-Clinical-Community Cultural Responsivity in Youth Mentoring Relationships: Development of a Behavior-Based Measure
Jonathan Smith Mathematics Automorphisms of Del Pezzo Surfaces in Characteristic Zero
Gabriella Spatola Biological Sciences Dogs of Chernobyl: De novo mutation in free-breeding dogs inhabiting the radioactive exclusion zone
Nicholas Steichmann Biological Sciences Investigating the role of secondary eyes in dynamic color change
Julisa Tindall Social Work Judge Me Not- Exploring Black Mothers Perceptions of Maternal Health Services and Structural Racism in South Carolina
Chihchi Tsai Comparative Literature Globalization in the Eyes of the Locals: Imagining the United States in Taiwanese Nativist Literature, 1970s-1980s
James White III Exercise Science - Health Aspects of Physical Activity Utility and feasibility of activity type to augment consumer wearable-based physical activity energy expenditure prediction equations using heart rate and movement in children
Xuanke Wu Civil Engineering A Machine-learning Approach for Freight Fleet Electrification Planning Integrating Power System Constraints
Xiaomo Xiong Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Impact of anti-dementia medications on mortality and the associated disparities in medication use among patients with ADRD in the U.S.
Kangkang Zhang Mechanical Engineering Exploring Propane-to-Propylene Conversion via a CO2/O2 Co-transport Membrane Reactor
Xuanxuan Zhu Epidemiology Complementary Feeding Among US Infants: Measures, Infant Growth, and Maternal Mental Health

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