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Office of the Vice President for Research


SmartState Endowed Chairs

SmartState Endowed Chairs are the world-class research scientists and engineers who head up SmartState Centers in a variety of research areas. The University of South Carolina has attracted talented and hardworking chairs to lead SmartState Centers headquartered here.

USC's SmartState Endowed Chairs have come to South Carolina to make a difference in economic development, entrepreneurship, education and our quality of life. They conduct research, leading teams of junior faculty members, research faculty and graduate students, and even serve as entrepreneurs, educators and mentors, wearing many hats as they create and promote unique contributions to South Carolina's economy and well-being.

SmartState Endowed Chairs at the University of South Carolina

Dr. Brian Benicewicz

SmartState Endowed Chair for Polymer Nanocomposites

Dr. Theodore Besmann

SmartState Endowed Chair in Energy and Nuclear Security,  General Atomics Center for the Development of Transformational Nuclear Technology

Dr. John Brooks

SmartState Endowed Chair for Effectiveness Research in Orthopedics, Center for Effectiveness Research in Orthopedics (CERO)

Dr. Daniel Cacuci

SmartState Endowed Chair Endowed Chair in Nuclear Power and Advanced Materials, Nuclear Science and Energy Center

Dr. Laura B. Cardinal

SmartState Endowed Chair in Innovation + Commercialization, Center for Innovation + Commercialization

Dr. Cynthia Corbett

SmartState Endowed Chair in Clinical Effectiveness Research/Chronic Care Management, Center for Advancing Chronic Care Outcomes through Research and Innovation (ACORN) 

Dr. Julius Fridriksson

SmartState Endowed Chair of Memory and Brain Function (SmartBRAIN®) (Supporting Mobility, Activity, Rehabilitation, Transportation/Technology),  SENIORSmart® Center

Dr. Kevin Huang

SmartState Endowed Chair for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Center

Dr. Rongying Jin

SmartState Endowed Chair for Experimental Nanoscale Physics, Experimental Nanoscale Physics Center

Dr. Jochen Lauterbach

SmartState Endowed Chair for Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity,  Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity (SAGE) Center

Dr. Jamie Lead

SmartState Endowed Chair for Environmental Nanoscience and Risk, Center for Environmental Nanoscience and Risk (CENR)

Dr. Sue Levkoff

SmartState Endowed Chair in Community and Social Support (SmartHOME®), SENIORSmart® Center

Dr. Xiaoming Li

SmartState Endowed Chair for Clinical Translational Research, Center for Healthcare Quality

Dr. Martin Morad 

SmartState Endowed Chair for Regenerative Medicine, Regenerative Medicine Center

Dr. Mitzi Nagarkatti

Smartstate Endowed Chair for Cancer Drug Discovery, Cancer Drug Discovery Center

Dr. Lori Pennington-Gray

SmartState Endowed Chair for Tourism Management and Economic Development, Richardson Family SmartState Center in Tourism and Economic Development

Dr. John Regalbuto

SmartState Endowed Chair in Renewable Fuels, Center for Catalysis for Renewable Fuels

Dr. Igor Roninson

SmartState Endowed Chair for Translational Cancer Therapeutics, Center for Translational Cancer Therapeutics

Dr. Christopher Rorden

SmartState Endowed Chair for Neuroimaging, Brain Imaging Center 

Dr. Souvik Sen

SmartState Endowed Chair in Clinical Neurology, Center for Clinical Stroke Research

Dr. Jeffery Twiss

SmartState Endowed Chair for Child and Adolescent Neurochemistry, Childhood Neurotherapeutics Center

Dr. Delia West

SmartState Endowed Chair of Technology Application for Health Behavior Change, Technology Center to Promote Healthy Lifestyles

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