Senior Thesis Grant


The Honors College will provide a maximum grant of $1,500 to support extraordinary expenses associated with your senior thesis. 

Grant Overview

  • This $1,500 Senior Thesis/Project Grant is included in the $4,500 limit of SCHC research funding (for example, if you have received $4,000 from SURF or EXPLORE, you have $500 left of research grant funding that may be available to you to apply for a senior thesis grant). Such items can include but are not limited to laboratory reagents or supplies, brochures, equipment, gift cards ($25/- maximum) for surveys, the rental of exhibition space or rehearsal halls.
  • The grant will not cover food supplies/ingredients, travel expenses, the typing or copying of a thesis or project paper, photo duplication, or purchasing books, periodicals, meals, or routine supplies (e.g., computers, printer ink or paper, notebooks, etc.).
  • The Honors College normally does not provide funding for senior thesis projects that are part of a particular major’s requirements or coursework. Students, however, who are undertaking a senior thesis project that exceeds the requirements or coursework for the major, may apply for funding to cover the exceptional costs.
  • The grant will not cover food expenses or refreshments for an event.
  • If you are doing a joint project with another senior, each of you has up to $1500 that you can apply for.
  • The grant will not pay for expenses retroactively. Your grant has to be approved before purchases can begin.
  • All grant purchases become the property of the Honors College.

To Apply For A Grant You Must:

  • To apply for a senior thesis/project grant, you must submit the Senior Thesis Grant Application.
  • You need to scan your grant with the faculty director and reader's signatures and send it via email to Dr. Kay Banks:
  • You senior thesis proposal/contract (499) must be submitted to the Senior Thesis Coordinator (Dr. Banks), prior to submission of the grant application.
  • The grant application must have the signature of your faculty director and second reader and an itemized budget proposal with an explanation of why the items are needed.
  • Provide a written proposal explaining the thesis/project.
  • If you have been awarded alternate sources of funding (e.g. other Honors College grants, a Magellan scholarship), these must be disclosed in your application for the thesis grant.
  • If you were awarded funding through a previous Senior Thesis grant and are applying for additional funding, you must supply an explanation for why additional funds are needed. No student may receive more than the maximum grant allowance of $1500.
  • Students using animals in their thesis/projects must get approval from Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).
  • Students using human subjects or distributing surveys must get approval from the University Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • Any work supported by the Senior Thesis/Project grant and subsequently presented or published should cite the support as: "This work was supported in part by the South Carolina Honors College Senior Thesis/Project Grant (include initials of students)."
  • You may be asked to present your project at the Senior Thesis Showcase.

You will be notified by email within four weeks if you are awarded a grant and will be instructed on how to receive reimbursement.

Application Deadline

May 2017 Graduates:  March 1, 2017
December 2017 Graduates:  October 15, 2017

If you are interested in applying for the Foley Thesis Grant Award, please submit your senior thesis grant proposal by Feb. 01, 2016.

For more information

H. Kay Banks, Ed.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Thesis Coordinator
South Carolina Honors College
220 Harper College
(803) 777-2409