The internship program is one of the four primary branches of Beyond the Classroom activities at the Honors College. Internships help build foundational skills important for career endeavors.  An internship can open doors, help develop career plans, and make great contacts for the future.

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Receiving Honors College Credit for Your Internship 

If you plan to use your internship as a means to satisfy the Learning Beyond the Classroom requirement, you must be enrolled in an Honors College internship course.  If you have already satisfied that requirement, you may still receive academic credit for your internship.  In order to apply for course credit, please complete the internship contract and return it to the Director of Internship Programs, South Carolina Honors College.  Internships must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for academic credit.  

In order to receive credit for an internship, students must enroll in an Honors College internship course prior to the semester in which they plan to receive the credit.  

Students must also meet or speak directly to the Internship Director in order to complete the enrollment process.  See "Honors College Internships" for detailed information about getting academic credit for an internship. 

The South Carolina Honors College likes to keep track of the many experiences our students have while in college.  If you already have or have had an internship without getting academic credit, we would love to hear about it!  Please email Ms. Hutt, Director of Internships, at and let her know where your internship is and briefly what you are doing.   


Washington Semester Program 

Administered by the South Carolina Honors College at the University of South Carolina, the South Carolina Washington Semester Program gives students in a variety of disciplines from across the state of South Carolina the opportunity to spend a semester working and taking classes in Washington DC, gaining valuable experience while earning academic credit toward their degrees. In DC, Washington Semester Program Fellows get first-hand experience with the political process, obtaining skills that will help prepare them for careers in virtually any sphere. In the past, Washington Semester Program Fellows have attended many important events, such as the inauguration ceremonies, White House arrival ceremonies for visiting heads of state, joint sessions of Congress, and arguments before the Supreme Court.  Learn more about the Washington Semester Program here


South Carolina Semester Program

The South Carolina Semester Program provides students with opportunities to work in state government while earning academic credit.  Students serve as paid, part time interns (20 hours per week) in the South Carolina General Assembly, the Office of the Governor, and in a broad range of state agencies, and also receive credit for a three credit hour internship class, SCHC 489A.  Students in the program are also enrolled in an accompanying seminar course which focuses on state government operations and public policy issues.  The program, which is offered every spring semester, provides invaluable practical experience which is applicable to all majors.  Learn more about the South Carolina Semester Program here


For more information about internships, please contact: 

Julie Hutt 
Director of Internship Programs
Harper College, Room 322