It is time for advisement and registration for Fall classes!

It's time to sign up for registration for Fall 2017 courses and advising.  Remember that you will be seeing both an honors advisor who will register you for your honors classes and your major advisor who will clear you so you can register yourself for your non-honors classes. It is imperative that you see both advisors otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of priority registration.

You will be able to sign up for an advisement appointment appropriate to your USC starting date with your honors advisor.  Still not sure who your advisor is? Contact Student Services at note that if you sign up for an appointment in an earlier week than appropriate for you, your appointment will be deleted.

Advisement dates are based on collegiate start dates, as follows:

Juniors (and Seniors if you have not had a senior check)
2/27 – 3/3

3/13 – 3/16 and 3/20 – 3/21

3/22 – 3/23 and 3/27 – 3/31

Students are expected to sign up with their assigned advisor.  If you cannot find an available time slot with your advisor due to your class schedule, please contact your advisor in order to work out an available time.

Priority registration
Priority registration for non-honors courses will begin on April 3.  Please check for your registration time.

Prepare for Your Appointment